Improving the Quality of Clicks on Your LinkedIn Sponsored Content

October 1, 2018

LinkedIn Sponsored Content

At LinkedIn, our goal is to help you reach your marketing objectives with high-performing campaigns. To that end, in the coming months we will test and roll out a series of changes to Sponsored Content that are designed to help you generate higher-quality clicks on your ads and improve campaign ROI.

For example, for ads with longer intro copy, mobile clicks on the “see more” callout will expand the intro text so all of it is visible. Previously, clicks on “see more” sent people to your landing page or opened a Lead Gen Form. With this change, clicks on “see more” will also become free. We will roll out this change gradually over the coming weeks.

With these changes, you may notice a decrease in campaign click-through rates or an increase in your CPC compared to your historical averages. However, we expect you will see better ROI from your campaigns overall because you’ll find a greater share of your paid clicks coming from people who intend to visit your website, engage with your content, or send you their contact info.

To learn about click behavior for Sponsored Content, please visit our Help Center. We will update this page as we roll out more changes.

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