Introducing the New Year Box Set

3 ebooks for your marketing success in 2019

January 8, 2019

New Year Box Set

The new year has arrived, and with it, resolutions. As a marketer, you’ve probably made some ambitious goals for 2019. To help you realize these goals, we have rolled our “New Year Box Set.”

The “New Year Box Set” contains three guides designed to help marketers like you boost your performance on LinkedIn all year long — and beyond:

Here’s a closer look at each of the guides in the New Year Box Set and how they can help you achieve your marketing goals. Download this unparalleled trio today.

The Social Media Manager’s Guide to LinkedIn

New Social media is 24/7. And so is the increasingly challenging role of social media manager. Social media managers must communicate authentically, be culturally relevant and act as stewards of our respective brands, all in 150 characters or less. (That’s the maximum number of characters we recommend for a LinkedIn Page update, in case you were wondering.)

Achieving your goals in this ever-evolving space requires social media managers to embrace a unique blend of hustle and business acumen to get the job done. But even the most savvy social superstars are plagued by questions about how to most effectively build their online communities. Questions like...

  • How do I drive the business outcomes I want to see through social?
  • How can I strike the right balance between being witty and serious?
  • How will I choose the right social media platforms to partner with to help amplify my brand's voice?

That’s where The Social Media Manager’s Guide to LinkedIn comes in. This guide is the distillation of a years-long quest to master our own social media presence on LinkedIn. This guide is a toolkit for your social media success covering:

  • How to tell your brand’s story on LinkedIn
  • Social media management tips, taken from years managing our own LinkedIn Page
  • How to drive real business impact with your LinkedIn Page

Tactical Plan: A Daily Playbook for Successful Content Marketing on LinkedIn

This daily playbook for marketers is a step-by-step guide lays out the daily and weekly tactics that come together to form an effective LinkedIn strategy. We designed this guide specifically for marketers who want to drill down to specifics and figure out how LinkedIn fits into their daily workflows.

Instead of simply outlining best practices and optimization tips, the Tactical Plan focuses on helping you identify the ripest opportunities on LinkedIn and capitalize on them. Not only will you find objectives, action items, and key metrics to track, but also estimates of how much time you’ll want to carve out in your schedule for each critical activity.

In this playbook, we focus on six features that play a pivotal role in how our team is meeting our specific content marketing objectives on LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn Pages: What should I share and how can I boost engagement?
  • SlideShare: What kind of content stands out and how often should I upload?
  • Groups: How can I use it as a forum for discussion?
  • Publishing: Which types of posts will help me build my personal brand?
  • Sponsored Content and Direct Sponsored Content: What’s the difference and how should I track results?
  • Sponsored InMail: When is this the right tool to use, and how can I compose messages that resonate?
  • Text Ads: Which CTAs work best, and how often should I refresh ad copy?

We also examine five tools to help you optimize your LinkedIn campaign performance:

  • Lead Gen Forms: How can I generate high-quality leads at scale and access and manage your leads with greater ease?
  • Matched Audiences: Why do I need a LinkedIn Insight Tag? How can I use Website Retargeting, Account Targeting, and Contact Targeting too focus my efforts on the audiences and accounts that are most likely to drive revenue?
  • Website Demographics: How can I create more tailored content and create audiences by relevant themes?
  • Audience Network: How can I reach my audience wherever they are, on a premium network of publishers?
  • Conversion Tracking: How does this feature help me understand and optimize the ROI of my spend?

The LinkedIn Pages Playbook

Late in 2018, we launched the next generation of LinkedIn Company Pages. Pages have been rebuilt from the ground up to make it easier for brands, institutions and organizations, from small businesses to large enterprises, to foster constructive conversations with LinkedIn’s community of more than 590 million members and 30 million Pages. 

LinkedIn Pages are an opportunity to get your content in front of the audience that matters most to your business. LinkedIn Pages tend to rank highly in search results, and many people seek them out directly on the LinkedIn platform. This visibility is good news for businesses, because there are a number of features and tools that enable you to spotlight your offerings and uniqueness in really slick ways.

Equipped with our newly enhanced LinkedIn Pages Playbook, you will be ready to draw up the perfect game plan for your own organization’s LinkedIn Page.

Managing a company profile seems simple in concept. Fill in the necessary business vitals, answer inquiries, toss up the occasional link to a blog post. But many are unaware of just how much you can say, and who you can reach, with LinkedIn Pages.

For instance, do you know about Showcase Pages? These specialized offshoots from your main hub can highlight particular products, services, or initiatives. And they are just one of many underutilized components of LinkedIn’s powerful business engine that you’ll learn about in the Playbook’s digital pages, loaded with examples and practicable tips.

In the LinkedIn Pages Playbook, you can read examples of who is getting it right and why? Businesses such as LenovoAdobe, and Tesla are finding creative and captivating ways to engage LinkedIn members and grow their followings. From employee advocacy to geographical targeting to branded imagery and more, you will get a taste of the strategies that differentiate top performers.

Here are some other nuggets to uncover in your new playbook:

  • The basics of creating a Page
  • A rundown of analytical tools and metrics
  • Tips on maximizing reach with LinkedIn Sponsored Content
  • Guidance for crafting objective-based strategies
  • Best practices for updates that break through the clutter
  • How to target the right audience and boost engagement
  • Updates on the latest Pages features, such as Content Suggestions, which surfaces the topics and content trending with their target audience on LinkedIn.

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