Introducing The Organic + Paid Playbook

The New Way to Unlock Your Brand’s Potential On LinkedIn

June 27, 2018

Introducing The Organic + Paid Playbook

Membership engagement on LinkedIn has grown by 50% year over year. Along with it, the number of people liking, commenting, and sharing content on the platform has doubled. LinkedIn, if the numbers are to be believed, is quickly growing into the largest B2B marketing platform in the world.

But as marketing technology has progressed, so too have the masses. Audiences – especially B2B audiences – have become increasingly savvy to digital marketing tactics of yesteryear. Today, what’s required to truly captivate your target audience is a strategic approach to your organic + paid presence online.

What do we mean by that? Well, it’s no longer enough to focus on just paid or organic social. Nor is it enough to invest in both, yet neglect to integrate the two strategies. This is because organic is a flywheel for paid. Alone, they are powerful. But together, they are unstoppable.

Consider how beautiful spaces are often born at the intersection of nature and architecture (think Millennium Park in Chicago or Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay). So too is a brilliant social media strategy on LinkedIn born at the intersection of genuine organic content and strategic paid investment.

As LinkedIn continues to grow as a B2B marketing platform, now is the perfect opportunity to get ahead of the curve and take advantage of this new era of social media strategy (while it’s still the hottest in town).  

Introducing the Organic + Paid Playbook. In it, we show you how to build your brand’s perfect space on LinkedIn in three easy steps:

  1. Begin with a compelling organic presence
  2. Boost your reach and engagement via paid advertising
  3. Measure, learn, and optimize to drive more impact

Don’t miss out on the newest and most effective strategy for marketing success on LinkedIn. Download the free Organic + Paid Playbook and start making the most of your content.