How an Asset Manager in Asia is Engaging a Niche Audience Precisely — and at Scale — through LinkedIn

October 4, 2018

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Eastspring Investments is the Asia-based asset management arm of international financial services group Prudential plc. Within its B2B2C retail business model, a majority of Eastspring business units have limited contact with its individual investor audiences. While the company does invest in above-the-line campaigns to engage this segment, it relies heavily on channel partners, such as retail and private banks, independent financial advisors, online platforms and insurance companies to market and sell its solutions.

This business model makes Eastspring’s ability to reach, engage and influence the financial advisor community mission critical, as these financial advisors play vital roles in recommending Eastspring’s solutions to their customers. The challenge facing the team was how to grow their sales and marketing reach within the financial advisor community in a strategic, resource-effective way that allows for targeted and meaningful audience engagement at scale.

With that in mind, Eastspring turned to LinkedIn for answers.

“LinkedIn hit a sweet spot for us in terms of targeting. We are able to pinpoint exactly who we want to market to, whether in a particular region, with a particular job scope, or even from a particular company. Targeted marketing at that level really helped us reach the right audience while reducing advertising waste.” — Kiran Veeramallu, Head of Digital Marketing, Eastspring Investments (Singapore) Limited

Quality Targeting, Quality Results

In consultation with the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team, Eastspring ran a three-month pilot program to try out the platform’s campaigning capabilities. “We started with an organic presence on LinkedIn, which has limited impact. To achieve our objectives, we needed our thought leadership content to reach a wider, well-defined audience, so we used a combination of Dynamic Ads and Sponsored Content,” said Kiran Veeramallu, Eastspring’s Head of Digital Marketing.

Through Dynamic Ads, Eastspring was able to serve personalized messages to different segments of its target audience. Coupled with LinkedIn Sponsored Content, which broadcast its thought leadership content and reinforced its key marketing messages, Eastspring successfully grew its follower base by 20%.

“We are pleased not just with the number of followers earned, but also with the quality of the followers. We also found that visitors who are routed to our website via our Sponsored Content tend to spend more time there. In that regard, LinkedIn has helped us take a big step forward in understanding our audience, as we previously did not have visibility into our website visitor profile,” he added.

“Our pilot campaign on LinkedIn produced some impressive results. We grew our follower base by 20% and earned followers that fit our target audience profile. The quality in terms of audience targeting has convinced us to integrate LinkedIn in our always-on digital marketing strategy moving forward.” — Veeramallu

“As financial advisors have access to an enormous amount of industry content, good data analytics is important in helping us understand what content our target audience is consuming, and how we stack up against other industry players. From LinkedIn data, we were able to figure out what works, and what doesn’t,” shared Kiran.

Now that Kiran and his team know that their audience wants quick, snappy, thematic content that is unique to Eastspring, they have been able to refine their content marketing strategy and strengthen their tactical approach. Pleased with the results of the pilot campaign, Eastspring has decided to involve LinkedIn in its always-on digital marketing strategy.

“We started from ground zero with this pilot campaign, so it was great that the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team was always around for us,” said Kiran. “They shared insights on how to use the platform and were generous with advice and recommendations throughout the campaign period. We are now looking forward to deploying LinkedIn even more effectively, so that we maintain a sticky audience base and constantly engage with relevant content.”

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Photo: Leonid Yaitskiy