Introducing the LinkedIn Insider’s Expert Optimization Worksheet

How to gather insights to build a more effective paid media strategy

August 30, 2018

Introducing The Organic + Paid Playbook

Producing strong paid media content plays a big role in a successful social strategy, but making sure your content doesn’t get lost in the feed can be tough. You've put in the time to design the perfect marketing materials, so how do you make sure those assets successfully reach your target audience? 

With 94% of B2B marketers using LinkedIn as a content distribution channel, optimizing your B2B social strategy is the key to standing out from your competition. Digital media has changed the way industry professionals target audiences, but LinkedIn puts the power back in your hands with unique insights and relevant customer data. You just have to know how to use them. 

With our latest worksheet, you can walk through a step-by-step roadmap to uncovering key insights that will strengthen your paid media strategy and discover a few of the little-known powerhouse Campaign Manager features along the way. Check it out below: 

Through Campaign Manager, your business has access to a wealth of useful information. For example, you can use the LinkedIn Insight Tag and Website Demographics feature to understand the groups of people who most frequently visit your website domain, revealing percentage breakdowns of top: 

  • Company sizes
  • Locations
  • Industries
  • Job functions
  • Job titles 
  • And more

With features like Conversion Tracking, your team can push beyond vanity metrics to understand how your LinkedIn ad campaigns are helping support bottom line KPIs, like form fills and product purchases. Having the proper tools in place to optimize your paid media strategy give you more time to focus on creating great content, connecting with your audience and generate more promising leads.

Don’t miss out on the newest and most effective strategy for marketing success on LinkedIn. Download your free Organic + Paid Playbook and start making the most of your content.