Read This Guide to Drive Brand Awareness Using LinkedIn

And secure the buy-in of your business while you do

March 7, 2018

Read This Guide to Drive Brand Awareness Using LinkedIn

Last week, we launched the first in our Read Me series of guides filled with tactical tips for advertising better on LinkedIn. This week we're tackling brand awareness. Brand awareness creates unique challenges for marketers – and especially for B2B marketers. The latest in our Read Me series has the specific tactics and techniques that you need to overcome those challenges using LinkedIn.

Any sustainable marketing strategy has to involve investing in brand awareness – and yet marketers are often left feeling exposed when they do. The problem is that brand awareness doesn’t create an immediately obvious Return on Investment (ROI) in the way that generating leads does. The competitive advantage that you gain from a decision-maker or influencer being aware of your brand doesn’t depend on them filling in a data capture form or sharing their details. But it’s no less valuable for that.

Building brand awareness successfully doesn’t just involve reaching the right people, engaging their attention and leaving the right impression. It also involves securing the buy-in of your business while you do: leveraging budget efficiently and effectively, and demonstrating the value you are creating. Read Me If You Want to Drive Brand Awareness Using LinkedIn will show you exactly how to achieve all of these objectives using our platform:

  • How to deploy budget most effectively to meet different brand awareness objectives
  • How to align your paid and organic LinkedIn touchpoints to maximize impact
  • Techniques for repurposing existing brand assets to increase the ROI that they generate
  • The targeting and bidding strategies for building brand awareness cost-efficiently at scale
  • How to track the value that brand awareness is generating – and demonstrate that value to your business

Dig into Read Me If You Want to Drive Brand Awareness Using LinkedIn and you’ll have everything you need to integrate brand awareness more efficiently into your marketing strategy – and find new sources of growth on LinkedIn.