Dare to Succeed in 2019: The Originality Delusion and Other Creative Trends

December 11, 2018


Creation is inherently risky. Any time we create something new, there’s a chance that it will fall flat. And if that danger doesn’t exist, at least in some small form, we’re probably playing it too safe.

At a time where marketers are looking ahead to the new year and charting their strategic courses, we’re diving into the most critical trends in B2B marketing, with an eye on boldly rejecting consensus and veering from the norm to align with the next, rather than the now. Which types of content marketing will work in 2019? Which practices will really move the needle? If you’re building your plan around the same approaches that your competitors employ, you can’t truly stand apart.

To jumpstart your creative efforts, and mitigate those inherent risks wherever you can, let’s explore three key areas where sideways thinking can serve you well.

Originality Isn’t Always the Answer

Many marketers get tripped up by feeling they need to come to the table with a never-before-seen concept or tactic. After all, serving up fresh, innovative ideas is how you differentiate and keep buyers coming back, right?

Not necessarily. What matters most to your company is that you deliver measurable impact, not take unnecessary gambles for the sake of doing so. And what matters most to buyers – according to our research – is relevance and consistency over originality.

So don’t hesitate to repurpose past campaigns and creative that have stood the test of time. If they worked this year, it’s quite likely that they’ll work in 2019. Make a few tweaks to keep things fresh but, by all means, serve up the tried-and-true so you can be confident about hitting next year’s goals.

Here, LinkedIn's Global Lead of Market Development & Strategy Peter Weinberg weighs in on the Originality Delusion:

Brand-Building Is as Much Science as Art

Who among brand builders doesn’t envy the likes of McDonald’s, with its unmistakable yellow arches? Establishing a highly recognizable brand identity is a core goal of every marketer. But it’s a mistake to think the secret to achieving this level of recognition is akin to an art. A fair amount of science goes into developing memorable and influential brands.

Believe it or not, Vincent Van Gogh perfectly illustrates this theory because of his highly structured approach to painting and his scientific approach to color usage. As a marketer, you can apply the same rigor and develop a unique identity for your brand by taking advantage of the Distinctiveness Matrix.

Learn more about the Science of Brand from Jon Lombardo, another Global Lead of Market Development here at LinkedIn: 

You Don’t Need to Be Superhuman to Be Bionic

Most marketers are striving to do their best work at scale. You need to reach, engage, and convert more of the right buyers than ever before. It’s quite possible that you’re already taking advantage of numerous technologies to automate your daily tasks. But perhaps you’ve left Artificial Intelligence (AI) untouched, thinking it’s far too cutting-edge to be of practical use — or that you’d need to revamp everything you do in order to take advantage of it. Think again.

Simply by adopting templates throughout your content development process, you can use AI to run an insanely large number of creative tests and substantially improve your ad performance.

Weinberg has the details on Bionic Marketing:

Choose the Right Tactics and Types of Content Marketing for 2019

To stand out from the masses, you need to find a unique path for reaching your audience. While it’s always wise to pay attention to the latest fashionable trends, it’s even wiser to tap into the overlooked – yet brilliant – practices that are proven to work. Boldy incorporate the three ideas above and you’ll be on track to see stellar results from your creative in 2019.

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