17 Heartbreaking GIFs for Marketers (and How to Get Over Them This Valentine's Day)

February 13, 2019

In a rewarding yet challenging profession, sometimes heartbreak is unavoidable. 

Even the most successful marketers are bound to encounter their shares of campaigns gone wrong, seemingly impossible workloads and last minute snafus.

The best way to overcome these inevitable bumps in the road is to shake them off (and realize that LinkedIn provides tools to help you avoid these situations). 

This Valentine's Day, we want you know know you're not alone in tough times. We've assembled a collection of GIFs we suspect most marketers can relate to. They encapsulate many common scenarios inherent to the business of being a B2B marketer. Scroll through - laugh, cry, and know that you're not in this alone.

17 Heartbreaking GIFs for Marketers

When growing distrust is making it harder for marketers to form genuine customer connections:

When mounting pressure to create instant “magic bullet” content results in exhaustion:

When support from executives and company leaders isn’t always there:

When your ad campaigns are missing the mark:

When your viral campaign doesn’t go viral:

When there are last-minute changes to a project that has to go out now:

When sales doesn’t follow up on your leads: 

When your targeting is off, way off:

When you have way too much on your plate:

When you’re just trying to keep up with the latest marketing technology:

When sales and marketing aren’t on the same page:

When you encounter the old ‘lack of resources’ conversation:

When you have too many channels to maintain:

When your social media program is killing your social life:

When your best stuff ends up on the cutting room floor:

When you CPC’d when you should have CPM’d:

When you see that TV spot that’s beat you to a concept you were going to use:

Any of these look (or feel) familiar? We've got you. LinkedIn can help you get over the heartbreak. We provide a variety of marketing solutions to help fix these issues or even make sure they don't happen in the first place. 

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