3 Organizations Show the Wide Range of Effective Marketing Approaches on LinkedIn

June 12, 2019

LinkedIn Customer Success

In today’s Wednesday Wins, we show three different approaches to winning on LinkedIn:

Year Up, a non-profit organization that helps underserved youth find meaningful careers, focuses on creating organic content and promoting it via its LinkedIn Page.

Greenhouse Software combines the organic and paid approach on LinkedIn.

PagerDuty, an information and technology services company, invests in LinkedIn Sponsored Content to reach its target audiences.

LinkedIn is constantly evolving its paid and organic options to help marketers reach their target audiences at scale. Our recently released infographic, “A Brief History of Advertising on LinkedIn,” demonstrates how, with advances such as Conversion Tracking, Lead Gen Forms, and Objective-Based Advertising — we’ve made our marketing and advertising products much more effective for marketers.

But don’t take our word for it. Listen to our customers. Here’s what they’re saying:

“Our LinkedIn Page is the one place where I think we see all of our different communities coming together. It allows us to bring together our students, our alumni, our corporate partners, our donors, and use it as a platform to share and amplify our message.” — Mariah Maguire-Fong, Associate Director of Content, Year Up
“One best practice for organic content marketing on LinkedIn would be to make sure that you are looking at your data analytics. You want to track how your content is performing and you want to see what really resonates with your audience and find out those key insights for why certain things might not be resonating to really inform your future content strategy.” — Micah Grebreyes, Content and Community Manager, Greenhouse Software
“Our Sponsored Content campaigns have been really successful on LinkedIn. The audience on LinkedIn is extremely engaged. LinkedIn also has data targeting capabilities that allow us to go after job titles and skills and groups that is unavailable elsewhere.” — Kelly Cheng, Senior Marketing Specialist, PagerDuty

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