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Find all of the insight you need on The Sophisticated Marketer’s Content Hub

May 9, 2019

Find all of the insight you need on The Sophisticated Marketer’s Content Hub

What is a Sophisticated Marketer? It’s a marketer who understands the value of both fundamental marketing principles and new tactics and techniques. It’s somebody who sees no conflict between technology and creativity; someone with an appetite for new forms of insight and new things to learn.

A big part of being a Sophisticated Marketer is knowing where to find the new ideas and information to help keep your thinking fresh and your career moving forward. We’ve just made that a whole lot easier with the launch of The Sophisticated Marketer’s Content Hub.

Believe it or not, it’s five years since we first introduced the world to the award-winning Sophisticated Marketer brand. The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn set out to give innovative and ambitious B2B marketers everything that they needed to bring their strategy and their creative ideas to life on our platform. We’ve updated that Guide every year since. However, we’ve also been doing a lot, lot more.

Over the past five years, we’ve created Sophisticated Marketer guides for thought leadership, content marketing and global content marketing. We’ve created crash courses giving you instantly actionable advice on metrics and analytics, lead nurturing and Account-Based Marketing (ABM). We’ve launched interactive sessions, webinars and a podcast series featuring guests like Seth Godin, Scott Stratten and Ann Handley. And we’ve created The Sophisticated Marketer Quarterly, the magazine for B2B marketers, by B2B marketers.

Last year, the Sophisticated Marketer won the Content Marketing Institute’s Award for best multi-year content programm. We wanted to make sure that this award-winning content was as easy to find and access as possible. That’s why you can now access every piece of Sophisticated Marketer content quickly and easily on The Sophisticated Marketer’s Content Hub.

Visit the Hub now to quickly download all of the Sophisticated content assets that you need:

  • The fully updated Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn, including new targeting capabilities and creative formats like Video and Carousel Ads
  • Guides to thought leadership, content marketing and global content marketing
  • Our crash courses in metrics and analytics, ABM and more
  • Immersive Sophisticated Marketer Sessions, with video guides, cheat sheets and examples of best practice in reaching and engaging audiences
  • Every issue of The Sophisticated Marketer Quarterly, packed with fresh perspectives on marketing from rock stars, authors, neuroscientists and more
  • The Sophisticated Marketer’s Book of Wisdom and full Podcast series

Visit our hub – and never find yourself short of sophisticated thinking again.