Get Sales and Marketing in Tune With the New Sophisticated Marketer Quarterly

Issue 5 Has Arrived — Essential Reading if You are Looking to Create Sales and Marketing Orchestration

April 2, 2019

Get sales and marketing in tune with the new Sophisticated Marketer Quarterly

Editor's Note: This post originally appeared on the LinkedIn Sales & Marketing Solutions EMEA Blog.

Aligning sales and marketing tops the priority list for almost every B2B marketer. But what does it really take to get the two teams sharing the same groove – and delivering fine-tuned performance for your business?

In the new issue of The Sophisticated Marketer Quarterly, we’re exploring how to orchestrate your sales and marketing in style – and deliver the kind of sweet music that the C-suite appreciates. We’ve enlisted expert advice on every aspect of this critical art: from a planning framework for Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies to aligning around a shared view of the buyer journey, to getting sales more excited about digital marketing strategy, and leveraging video more effectively throughout the funnel.

You can read our "Sales and Marketing Orchestration"  issue online now or subscribe to receive a free print copy. Inside you’ll find inspiration for any marketer passionate about working more closely with sales, boosting morale, increasing the value of leads, and growing the bottom line in a way that the whole business can appreciate.

Issue 5 is packed with:

  • Exclusive data on the real state of sales and what makes buyers buy
  • The 7-stage plan for building an Account-Based Marketing program on LinkedIn
  • Our exclusive advice column from content marketing pioneer and bestselling author, Ann Handley
  • New research on the amazing impact thought-leadership has on demand generation
  • How B2B video can help at every stage of the sales and marketing journey
  • The SEO trends that every B2B marketer needs to follow
  • Content marketing inspiration from Disney’s tragic hero, social media’s most rebellious rock star, the most talented busker in musical history, and more

Give yourself a different perspective on B2B marketing.

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