Agency Marketers: Here’s Your Go-To Guide to run LinkedIn Campaigns

September 26, 2019

Agency Marketers: Here’s Your Go-To Guide to run LinkedIn Campaigns

When you work at an agency, you’re not just a marketer — you’re also an integral partner and guiding light. Clients trust you to fill their gaps, bolster their efforts, and, ultimately, help lead them to growth more effectively.

Helping clients develop and execute a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy is one of the biggest opportunities to delight ROI-minded clients and make yourself indispensable. We’re excited to help you help them with the Agency Onboarding Guide. 

The Definitive Guide for Agency Marketers on LinkedIn

LinkedIn features a community of over 645 million members and ranks as the most trusted digital platform (per Business Insider Intelligence). It’s a vital destination for organizations offering B2B and high-consideration B2C products or services to connect with potential customers in the right mindset. The opportunities for growing brand awareness, garnering engagement, and driving conversions are immense. 

But many companies lack either the time or expertise to get the most out of this leading professional network. Our new guide provides all the info you’ll need to properly set up accounts, activate the right tools, and propel your clients past their goals.

What’s Inside the Agency Onboarding Guide?

In this comprehensive yet concisely composed ebook, you’ll find tips and instructions to answer all these common questions and more as you work with clients and partners to build a winning LinkedIn presence:

  • How can I create a LinkedIn Page on another company’s behalf?

  • How do I align tactics and ad products with my client’s key objectives?

  • Which buy types, post types, placements, targeting options, and measurement tools are available for each LinkedIn ad product?

  • How do I set up agency account access and manage individual permissions?

  • What are the general benchmarks for various LinkedIn ad products so I can properly set client expectations for campaigns?

  • What are our billing options?

  • What are the differences between an online account and an IO account?

In addition to these practical matters for setup and admin, you’ll also find links to plenty of in-depth resources, ensuring you can answer any questions clients might have while providing advanced strategic guidance. When they ask about ad guidelines, or broadening their reach through employee advocacy, or finding more learning materials so they can brush up on their own, you’ll be ready to answer in a snap.

The Agency Onboarding Guide will help you build trust and confidence with your clients by walking you through all of the best practices for cross-organizational LinkedIn marketing efforts. Download your copy today and win together.