From Startup to Scale Up, How Autopilot Leverages LinkedIn to Deliver Hundreds of Quality Leads

July 10, 2019

Autopilot LinkedIn case study

There is an ever-increasing pressure on marketers to deliver leads and ROI for a business. But with the number of tools and automation available to source these leads, how can marketers ensure these leads are effective and provide positive value to the business?

More Than 500 Quality Leads in 3 Months

Australia-based marketing automation company, Autopilot, sought to reach a diverse audience ranging from startups to small-and-medium sized businesses with a high growth potential. With plans to grow globally, they had to act smart to deploy their marketing budget in a cost-effective manner.

“LinkedIn is a great marketing partner,” shares Javier Dominguez, marketing manager for Autopilot. “Beyond lead generation forms— which are performing well –there’s also a variety of content formats that we can choose from to effectively engage each audience segment.”

Delivering attention grabbing carousel and video ads with a compelling content offer, Autopilot utilized LinkedIn’s lead generation forms leveraging the platform’s precise targeting capabilities and accurate first-party data. Driving customers directly to a LinkedIn lead generation form, Autopilot built a pipeline of marketing qualified leads over three months in key markets: Australia, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Providing a high value content offering to a well-defined audience enabled Autopilot to exceed industry benchmarks. They obtained 545 marketing qualified leads with an average cost per lead 4x lower than targeted.

Building Out a Full Funnel Approach

With the on-going debate around Brand vs. Demand, marketers can use a full product suite on the platform to drive long-term brand awareness as well as execute more short-term focused goals.

Autopilot showcases the power of an objective-based paid campaign, alongside amplifying LinkedIn’s organic features, leveraging the platform through their full marketing funnel. With real-time reporting in LinkedIn Campaign Manager, it makes it much easier for marketers to demonstrate the real value of their marketing activity, the secret sauce to success.

Read the full Autopilot case study. 

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