Dynatrace Sees Big Impact with LinkedIn Elevate

December 18, 2019

LinkedIn Elevate

Dynatrace is a Waltham, Mass.-based provider of enterprise software. Here’s the story of how the company has successfully deployed it employees as advocates.   


To raise awareness of its enterprise software intelligence solution, Dynatrace saw a key opportunity in activating its employees as advocates. But past programs and platforms had failed to generate the kind of excitement and traction they desired.


When John Rocker came on board as Social Media Manager two years ago, he recommended that Dynatrace try piloting LinkedIn Elevate, based on results he’d seen with it in the past. The initial program incorporated a select group of executives and employees. It caught on quickly, because individuals who were accustomed to using LinkedIn didn’t experience much of a learning curve.

“It’s all tied in with the overall LinkedIn experience,” Rocker says. “The app is kind of just an extension of the platform.”


Early momentum carried forward as Dynatrace started equipping more and more of its workforce with Elevate licenses. The ease of sharing curated, approved content led to a vast increase in the brand’s reach, with outstanding results.

“We’re at 8,000-plus website hits coming just strictly from Elevate shares,” Rocker shares. “About 65% of them coming through are new users who have never hit the site before.”

Elevate has also become a powerful tool for talent acquisition, with Dynatrace attributing 105 influenced hires to its employee advocacy program.

To see the impact of web traffic coming through from Elevate is really significant for us. It’s fantastic. And a majority of them are new users. — John Rocker, Social Media Manager, Dynatrace

Eliminating the Learning Curve

People are busy. This tends to be the No. 1 barrier in implementing a new employee advocacy program. Elevate’s familiar interface, coupled with straightforward reporting that makes it easy to see the impact of a user’s activities, helped Dynatrace break through.

“With Elevate, if you’re someone who is comfortable on LinkedIn, then this feels like an extension of LinkedIn really,” Rocker opines. “The app is great, the desktop version is great. It’s very intuitive, very easy to use, and it literally could take somebody about one minute a day to log in and read one piece of content and get it scheduled out.”

Elevate makes a difference for us. It’s attracting individuals over to our LinkedIn Page. It’s creating engagements on the things that we’re posting there. And it’s actually helping to bring in new talent. — John Rocker Social Media Manager, Dynatrace

Reaffirming Returns

When users see the clear benefits of Elevate, for both their company and their own careers, it becomes a self-reinforcing behavior. Rocker says that leaderboards and competitions have helped generate enthusiasm around the program, but also basic outcomes.

“We have a monthly sales bootcamp here where all of our new sales individuals from around the world come in for a week long intensive training at our headquarters in Waltham,” he recalls. “I’m doing my thing one day, introducing them to Elevate. And the next day after someone had signed up for it, they were super excited and said, ‘Hey, I went in there, I posted this thing. I had somebody reach out to me. They wanted to set up a phone call to learn more about Dynatrace.’”

Trusted Sources for Information

In an era where brands often struggle to get their messages across effectively and authentically, Rocker views employee advocacy as a crucial area of emphasis.

“I think you just have to use your employees to really be that extension of the brand. The one-on-one connection, people really value that. They value the trust,” Rocker says.

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