Finkelman Immigration Law Taps the Power of Organic LinkedIn Content for SMBs

May 22, 2019

LinkedIn Customer Success Stories

Austin, Texas-based Finkelman Immigration Law Firm provides practical and innovative strategies to domestic and foreign businesses and international individuals in a variety of employment-based and family-based immigration matters.


As the Managing Member of his own immigration law firm, Jason Finkelman helps run all marketing efforts while operating in a vast, wide-reaching, and complex professional space. Since he operates in federal law, his potential client base includes U.S. companies and individuals in all 50 states and worldwide.


Finkelman viewed thought leadership content as a way to differentiate himself. He started writing articles and creating videos to help domestic and foreign businesses and international individuals navigate the complexities of how to obtain employment visas, lawful permanent residence, and U.S. citizenship.

His goal, he says, is “to allay the concerns of someone who is intimidated or confused by the U.S. immigration system so that they say ‘This article or video just helped me understand my situation. I like how Jason explained that and I think I’ll reach out to him.’”


Using LinkedIn as a platform to share this professionally relevant content, oriented specifically toward the audience he wishes to reach — such as Human Resources departments, foreign nationals, and international entrepreneurs and startups — Finkelman found fast traction. Posts like these that feature original video or analysis on the latest immigration news drove traffic to the company website, says Finkelman.

The Pull of Compelling Content

Developing a strong organic social media presence is vital, especially for any small- or medium-sized business. Finkelman has smartly recognized that the key to building one is through relevant, timely content that resonates with his ideal client profile.

He composes longform content, shares links to his company blog, and posts tutorial videos and webinars through his LinkedIn Page.

Leveraging Insights and Intel

With his content driving strong engagement, Finkelman is able to dig into LinkedIn’s analytics and learn more about the people interacting with his posts, informing his approach.

“When I look at the analytics of who is viewing my articles or visiting my LinkedIn page, I’m better able to see the types of employers, the types of professionals and the employment sectors they work in, so I can refine my marketing strategies and even who may soon be needing immigration legal services,” Finkelman said.

Overall Impact

Despite having his hands full as a leading practitioner in the field of immigration, and lacking a large marketing team, Finkelman has single-handedly achieved an outsized impact with organic content on the platform. He credits that “nearly several dozen LinkedIn members that have viewed my content have turned into clients, along with countless others who have reached out to me based on my LinkedIn content.”

“I enjoy helping employers and immigrants understand the complexities of the immigration system through writing LinkedIn articles and creating video tutorials. Thanks to LinkedIn, I’m able to share this content with people around the world, which has turned into countless business opportunities,” Finkelman said.

He added: “For professionals looking to target their services or business to not only their local community but to broader regions or specific markets or individuals, LinkedIn is a vital tool.”

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