How 3 Marketers Used a Multi-Product Approach on LinkedIn to Drive Real Business Impact

October 4, 2019

LinkedIn advertising success stories

When it comes to B2B marketing a powerful marketing funnel is essential. At all stages of the marketing funnel, LinkedIn offers best-in-class solutions for marketers to unlock greater ROI, as Phone2Action, Procore Technologies and ChannelSight can attest.

Each of these three businesses has achieved measurable business impact by focusing its strategy on advertising on LinkedIn. Read on to discover:

  1. How Phone2Action grew brand awareness on LinkedIn.
  2. How LinkedIn helped Procore Technologies extend its reach into Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.
  3. How ChannelSight outperformed its lead generation targets on LinkedIn.

Phone2Action Growing Brand Awareness on LinkedIn

Phone2Action is a software company that enables organizations to quickly and easily scale public affairs and advocacy-style campaigns to contact lawmakers.

Phone2Action was looking to target public policy leads at U.S. companies. Phone2Action launched a campaign on LinkedIn with the goal of increasing website traffic quality, site engagement, and lead capture. The company used LinkedIn Carousel Ads coupled with LinkedIn Sponsored Content and LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms to tell an authentic brand story, dive deep on its offerings, and share insight.

Customer Success: With LinkedIn, Phone2Action increased traffic to its site by 140% and significantly improved traffic quality (-32% bounce rate, +25% pages per session, and +98% average session duration). In addition, cost-per-conversion declined by 94%, while conversion rates increased by 266% in the same period. The Phone2Action marketing team also confirmed that the LinkedIn campaign is driving new customer acquisition and activation.

As a B2B business, using LinkedIn's targeting capabilities has been instrumental to our success in building highly targeted audiences that engage with our content, and ultimately, become clients as a result of our digital advertising strategy. — Phone2Action

Procore Technologies Launches into New Markets

Procore Technologies, Inc. provides construction management software to clients across the globe.

Procore wanted to expand its focus on operations and project management decision makers in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. As a result, Procore diversified into LinkedIn Sponsored InMail, which allowed the company to directly engage with prospects by delivering targeted, personalized messages right into customers' LinkedIn inboxes; Procore coupled this approach with sponsored video to build long-term brand equity and authentic connections to its brand.

Specifically, in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand, Procore focused on diversifying products and skills-based targeting, which allowed them to target specific competencies that span a broad range of job titles. While in the United Kingdom, Procore focused on building brand awareness to increase its Company Page following and engagement.

Customer Success: Focusing its strategy on LinkedIn, Procore created brand awareness within the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand to assist its sales team in penetrating these new markets. This in turn allowed Procore to fortify its position as a leader within the U.S. construction planning technology market and extend its reach into Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom markets in 2019.

ChannelSight Outperforming Its Lead Generation Targets on LinkedIn

ChannelSight’s eCommerce solution provides a fast, frictionless path to purchase for consumers. By connecting brands to their preferred retailers, it enables brands to grow both online and offline sales and offer a leading online experience.

ChannelSight had been focused on driving traffic to its website and capturing leads there. The company wanted to scale while keeping the lead quality, so it was testing LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. However, ChannelSight was having difficulties with this approach, because they did not have a CRM system that integrated with LinkedIn. To resolve this, ChannelSight implemented an integration with Zapier, which enabled ChannelSight to use Lead Gen Forms armed with LinkedIn targeting capabilities to drive quality leads at scale that were easily filtered through to their sales team. The immediate business impact was clear.

Customer Success: ChannelSight was able to reduce its cost-per-lead by 200% while generating over 800 leads. LinkedIn is responsible for a large customer acquisition valued at $10K per region with a potential to rise to $100k+.

These are just some of the most recent stories of businesses using LinkedIn to achieve real and measurable business impact. You’ll find more on our Customer Stories hub. And to see for yourself the power of LinkedIn advertising, visit LinkedIn Campaign Manager today