How LinkedSelling Achieves Consistent Volume and Reliability with LinkedIn Lead Gen

May 15, 2019

LinkedInSelling's LinkedIn Success Story

LinkedSelling is a marketing agency that helps B2B companies generate high-quality leads and appointments through social media, such as LinkedIn, and email. LinkedSelling offers training, custom workshops, and fully outsourced LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

What better place to attract the right clientele for such services than LinkedIn, the leading social network for B2B lead gen?


Trouble is, LinkedSelling didn’t immediately achieve stellar results through LinkedIn’s advertising platform by simply mirroring ad campaigns from other platforms. So, when LinkedIn released an array of new marketing products, the LinkedSelling team decided to revamp its approach and restructure campaigns specifically for LinkedIn.


Seeking to align its LinkedIn marketing strategy with the sales funnel, LinkedSelling started using different products for different stages of the buying cycle. The company had identified that beyond engagement or opt-ins, what really drives their business forward is appointments. So LinkedSelling structured each of its campaigns around a simple process to get more qualified prospects to book a phone call with the sales team.

For colder prospects who were actively seeking out lead gen solutions or were not yet familiar with their brand, LinkedSelling ran LinkedIn Sponsored Content to drive awareness and engagement. With warmer audiences, the team would reach out directly through LinkedIn Sponsored InMail to spark conversations, or with highly targeted follow-up messaging via Text Ads and Dynamic Ads.

“We just want to be in every location,” says Pat Henseler, LinkedSelling’s Director of Products. He adds that collaborating with sales reps to identify their most desirable audiences and building custom follow-up campaigns for new leads have been key to this fruitful approach. 


With a focused and dedicated strategy, LinkedSelling began to see tremendous improvements from marketing on LinkedIn. Henseler points to “volume and reliability” as hallmarks of his company’s lead generation results through LinkedIn. In just the past two months, their campaigns have generated over 820 new leads and seen a 7:1 return on ad spend in that same time period.

“LinkedIn typically generates high-value, high-qualified leads for us. The leads we’ve generated through LinkedIn have cut our closing time almost in half,” Pat Henseler, Director of Product, LinkedSelling, said.

Henseler added that he might be most impressed by the vast reduction in closing time he sees when marketing on the platform. “On average, our agency clients sign in 27-to-36 days through other avenues. On LinkedIn, we see 16-to-18 days.” One particularly effective practice he calls out is having the sales team reach out to prospects who have taken some steps to indicate interest (i.e. they downloaded a report) but have not yet connected directly (i.e. they have not booked a call); these kinds of proactive steps make a big difference in helping LinkedSelling get their money’s worth from ad spend.

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