How Marketers Are Planning to Grow on LinkedIn in 2019 [Infographic]

February 19, 2019

Grow with LinkedIn

The California redwood is one of nature’s greatest marvels. Like any tree, it starts out as a mere sapling, sprouted from a humble seed. But these towering titans can grow to be more than 300 feet tall. That’s about the height of a 30-story building.

How do they get so dang big? Through rapid, steady growth. Redwoods can add two to six feet per year on average, and one notable characteristic of the species is its shade tolerance. More than most of its relatives, the redwood can survive and thrive even in the absence of sunlight.

You don’t have to travel too far from LinkedIn’s HQ in San Francisco to find a coastal redwood, so these tremendous trees serve as inspiration for our team. They inspire us almost as much as our audience of ambitious marketers, who embody the traits of the redwood by continually growing amidst unpredictable and often unfavorable conditions.

We wanted to learn how you’re all planning to branch out and reach upward this year, so last month we invited readers to fill out an interactive survey asking about their marketing aspirations for 2019. Hundreds participated, and we really appreciate it!

Your feedback will help shape our content strategy for the coming months, but today, we thought we’d share results to provide a high-level picture of where your peers are setting their sights. Before diving into the infographic, here are a few takeaways that caught our attention.

How Marketers Plan to Grow on LinkedIn in 2019

We were excited to learn more about the people who visit our blog and power the marketing community on LinkedIn. Here’s what we found out.

LinkedIn Hosts a Wide Array of Marketers

We asked survey participants: What type of marketer are you? The most common response was “Brand Marketer” at 48%, but many others identify as a “Content Marketer” (44%) or a “Tech Marketer” (23%) or a “Demand Gen Marketer” (21%). Others in the mix:

  • Event Marketer (15%)

  • Higher Ed Marketer (8%)

  • Healthcare Marketer (7%)

Nearly one in five (18%) said they don’t fall into any of these buckets.

Lead Gen Takes the Lead Among Priorities

In last year’s survey, building brand awareness was cited as the utmost marketing priority. This year, driving leads surpassed it at No. 1, with 63% of respondents calling it out as a top priority compared to 51% in 2018. Brand awareness is still a major focus, falling just slightly behind lead gen at 62%. Creating better content (53%), demonstrating thought leadership (40%), and better understanding marketing ROI (38%) follow in line.

Powering Up Pages Is the Top LinkedIn Marketing Aspiration

When asked what you hope to achieve on LinkedIn in 2019, an overwhelming majority (69%) pointed to growing your Page followings. This doesn’t come as a surprise, because the LinkedIn Page serves as a backbone of your brand’s presence on the platform. More followers means more consistent organic reach, and more community engagement.

With this information in hand, we’ll strengthen our focus on providing helpful Pages content, along with guidance around other desired topics like mastering Campaign Manager, A/B testing, and achieving more with Video and Carousel Ads. For now, I encourage you to check out these recent posts on enhancing your LinkedIn Page:

Where Marketers Want Help with LinkedIn Marketing

Which LinkedIn products could you use more help with? The top choices were Audience Network (40%), Matched Audiences (39%), and Lead Gen Forms (38%). We’ll definitely aim to serve you more info on using these tools for targeting and reaching your ideal customers on LinkedIn.

How Marketers Spend Time on LinkedIn

The runaway winner in this category is “Building my LinkedIn network” (75%). Marketers recognize that this is the most valuable core activity on LinkedIn, because a network full of relevant, quality professionals can open many doors and advance your career. Other common answers include “Publishing original content” (49%) and “Reaching out to prospects and customers” (48%).

Ready, Set, Grow!

Let’s all take a page from the California redwood this year and grow like crazy. We appreciate everyone who shared their thoughts with us, and look forward to helping you along in 2019. You can scroll down to find survey results in full, but first, subscribe to the LinkedIn Marketing Blog to make sure you don’t miss out on content that nurtures your growth.

“We can learn a lot from trees: they’re always grounded but never stop reaching heavenward.” — Everett Mámor