Introducing a More Powerful Campaign Manager

Three new objectives bring a full funnel experience to all marketers

July 11, 2019

Linkedin Campaign Manager

You’ve shared with us that one of your biggest marketing challenges is ensuring your campaigns can meet increasingly complex business goals. Whether you’re a new start-up trying to increase share-of-voice or an established B2B player looking for leads, you need solutions that are flexible and can adapt to your unique objectives. 

Today, we’re excited to announce 3 new objectives -- brand awareness, website conversions and job applicants -- which are the latest additions to our redesigned Campaign Manager, which we first introduced in October as a public beta. These new offerings are designed to continue to make it easier to improve key results and better align with your campaign objectives. Early results show it’s working, we’ve seen a 67% lift in customer satisfaction compared to our legacy Campaign Manager experience.

A full funnel experience to help you achieve more of your goals

Our latest version of Campaign Manager is the next step in our effort to give you the tools you need to create campaigns and measure their impact. These new objectives include:

  • Brand awareness: You can now increase share-of-voice for your product or services through top of funnel campaigns that charge by impressions (e.g. cost per thousand or CPM).  
  • Website conversions: We’ve built a tighter integration with our conversion tracking tool so you can create campaigns that are optimized for specific actions on your website, like purchases, downloads or event registrations.
  • Job applicants: LinkedIn Talent Solutions customers who are trying to drive applications on LinkedIn or their own site, can now create ads using Campaign Manager.  
“Objective-based Buying generated 300% more sign ups than standard bidding over an equivalent amount of time. Objective-based Buying generated more conversions than any other similar time period I compared it to, all the way back to 2015.” -AJ Wilcox, B2Linked

Click pricing optimized to your campaign objectives

With the improved Campaign Manager, we're also optimizing our click pricing to align with your objective. If you select website visits as your objective, you will only be charged for clicks that go to your landing page. For social engagement campaigns, pricing will be optimized to include all social actions (likes, comments, shares, etc.).

You can find out more on objective-based advertising in our help center. Log in to Campaign Manager today to discover the new experience.