Cisco Canada Lowers Lead Generation Costs with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

May 8, 2019

Cisco Canada Succeed with LinkedIn

Cisco is the worldwide leader in IT and networking. The company helps organizations of all sizes transform how people connect, communicate, and collaborate.


Two years ago, the marketing team for Cisco’s Canada operations wanted to expand its digital marketing efforts, which included social media. The team was looking for a more effective way to hit its key performance indicators in digital marketing.

Ultimately, Cisco Canada turned to LinkedIn for help in key areas including:

  • Lead generation and contact acquisition
  • Better value for their marketing solutions


Cisco’s team was willing to put in the time and money to create content that would generate more form-fills and promising contacts, but wanted a better return on its investment.

Cisco partnered with LinkedIn to create several campaigns focusing on lower cost-per-customer acquisition and improved targeting. The team used LinkedIn advertising to showcase a white paper that featured important Cisco technology for the manufacturing industry, with a goal of generating high-quality leads. 

Equally important was targeting Cisco Canada’s intended audience. Cisco was able to strategically focus on IT decision makers, narrowing the campaign audience by job role, title, and seniority. Cisco also used LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences feature to determine which insights and characteristics are most valuable, carrying this data over to future campaigns.


Prior to launching the LinkedIn campaign, Cisco Canada wanted to lower cost per acquisition. Through LinkedIn, the company not only saw an improvement in lead acquisition costs, but was also able to use targeting for enhanced precision with their campaign.

Additionally, Cisco tapped into the knowledge of LinkedIn’s specialists to determine which approaches would suit them best, helping the marketing team hit its goals head-on.

“I think the best practice is to work with your LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team,” says Julian Jasniewski, a social media manager at Cisco Canada “Really talk to them. Let them understand what you’re trying to achieve with your campaigns, and make it a partnership, because they will help you get where you need to be.”

He added: “LinkedIn is a strong performer in terms of value, and it has also helped us reach the right audience. Our cost per acquisition was a bit high via our traditional marketing, so a new avenue of lead generation or contact acquisition through LinkedIn was fantastic.”

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