14 Reasons LinkedIn Loves Marketers

February 14, 2020

It’s the time of year for sappy tributes and ample heart emojis. Regardless of how you feel about Valentine’s Day — genuine holiday or manufactured money grab — there’s no knocking its underlying purpose: showing love and appreciation for those who deserve it.

In the spirit of the season, we got to thinking about how much our team values you, the marketers who bring LinkedIn Pages and feeds to life through content and conversations. So at the risk of contributing another sappy tribute to the world, we wanted to let you all know how we feel. (Or, if you’re not into that, you can always check out last year’s whimsical collection of heartbreaking GIFs for marketers.)

Here’s to you.

14 Reasons LinkedIn Loves Marketers ❤️

Let us count the things we’re grateful for as we think about all the marketers out there, and how we hope to show the love this year and beyond.

1. Marketers are creative and analytical forces. 

This profession requires a rare blend of data-driven analysis and unbridled creative capacity. Marketers are challenged to make sound decisions based on evidence, while also exploring new ground and conjuring fresh ideas into fruition. It’s a fascinating balance, and we strive to cover both sides on this blog by sharing unique data along with guiding examples of creativity from your peers.

2. Marketers are generous in sharing knowledge and insight.

It’s true of many other fields as well, but so distinctly noticeable in marketing. How many informative blogs from marketers are part of your daily reading routine? How many indispensable follows are on your social media feed? Nearly every great marketer I know was shaped in part by the wisdom imparted from people they look up to and respect. That’s only made possible by the inherent willingness of many experienced pros to take on a mentorship role. As examples of this dynamic in action, check out Seth Godin’s recent guest post on our blog, or marketing leaders on what to adopt and what to leave behind in 2020

3. Marketers are always hungry to learn more.

There’s no end to the appetite. A relentless desire to learn — about our craft, our audiences, our evolving technologies — runs in the blood of marketers. This insatiable curiosity is a valuable quality, and one that we support by aggregating the latest marketing trends each week, and by keeping you up to speed on the water cooler buzz

4. Marketers are empathetic and understanding. 

The ability to adopt different viewpoints is requisite to effective marketing. If you can’t see things through the eyes of your customer, then you’ll struggle to hit home with your content. As such, marketers tend to spend a great deal of time learning about people in different professional settings, industries, and geographies. This provides important overall perspective in our careers and lives.

5. Marketers are bold and daring.

Experimentation and innovation are at the heart of marketing. Virtually every new campaign and program entails taking gambles and measured risks. Learning from both success and failure is how we grow. The marketer’s inclination to constantly test new things and navigate uncharted territory is a motivating trait. 

6. Marketers are entertainers and storytellers.

At its core, this is an essential function of content marketing. If you’re not able to earn and hold someone’s attention, then the entire purpose of a piece falls flat. So before marketers can educate and drive action, they must entertain. This professional quality tends to overlap with one’s personality too, as anyone who’s spent time schmoozing with an anecdote-laden room full of marketers can attest. Some marketers even use the kinds of stories we first heard in our cribs

7. The marketing community is strong.

Every profession seems to have its own networks and cliques. Marketing, in particular, is a community-driven field. Whether it’s a bustling LinkedIn group, or a viral post on the platform with hundreds of fellow practitioners chiming in to share their views and experiences, the togetherness and kinship of marketers warms our hearts.

8. We are inspired by the work marketers produce.

We love the opportunity to dig deep and highlight the inner workings of a successful campaign, as we did recently with Gong.io’s stellar book giveaway on LinkedIn. Seeing not just the output of a team, but the thought and strategy that they put into the process, is deeply inspiring for us and (we hope) for our readers. The steady availability of this type of content around the web links back to item No. 2 on this list.  

9. Our marketing audience helps shape our content.

Whether you’re voting for your favorite LinkedIn Pages or providing input on what you want to learn, the feedback from our audience of marketers helps us create a roadmap of content that’s acutely useful to our readership. So, thank you.   

10. Marketers demonstrate the capabilities of LinkedIn tools.

Our team uses and talks about the platform’s marketing features and advertising products everyday. But what’s really fun is seeing users activate them in all sorts of clever and imaginative ways. We cherish the opportunity to see groundbreaking LinkedIn campaigns in action, engaging members in interesting new ways. 

11. Marketers help us rethink the ways we communicate and frame our arguments.

Sometimes, it’s easy to hit a wall with someone when trying to make a case or get a point across. Marketers remind us that the message matters; reframing it to align with another person’s point of view can go a long way. By consuming content from a wide variety of different voices across the marketing spectrum, we’re able to broaden our communication repertoire.

12. Marketers are fervently future-focused.

More than most, marketers are conditioned to look ahead. When building campaigns, setting strategies, and charting goals, we’re always thinking of what’s coming as much as what’s happening. This helps us stay ahead of the curve, and keeps our colleagues in the same proactive mindset. This recent guest post from HootSuite on the five most important social media trends of 2020 will help with your prognosticating.

13. Marketers are goal-oriented.

Some folks set a bunch of goals on New Year’s Day. Marketers do it year-round. Whether it’s brand awareness, lead generation, talent acquisition, or any other business objective, there’s always a goal to pursue. And that’s not even touching on personal ambitions for career growth. As a result of this mindset, marketers tend to be contagiously determined and tenacious.

14. We are marketers ourselves! 

There’s a reason we’ve been using “we” and “us” in addition to “you” in this article — we’re speaking to marketers, as marketers. A little self-love is important and healthy. 

Spread the Marketing Love

Marketers are awesome. That pretty much sums up our opinion on the matter. We appreciate everyone who makes this blog a part of their day, and especially those of you who engage with the content, offer up feedback, and help form the backbone of the LinkedIn marketing community. 

Your passion fuels our passion. We’ll keep aiming to provide insights and guidance to help you produce work that you (and your audience) love all year long. You can subscribe to the LinkedIn Marketing Blog to make sure you never miss out.