Aiming to Succeed with Account Based Marketing? Here’s Why You Should Attend ‘I Heart ABM’

September 8, 2020

Event for Account Based Marketing on LinkedIn

“Choose your battles”' is an eternally sage piece of wisdom. If we’re constantly pursuing every opportunity and undertaking that strikes our fancy, we’re bound to spread ourselves too thin, with costly impacts on the quality of our output. 

Account based marketing (ABM) is a practice founded on the principle of choosing your battles wisely. By definition, this approach compels marketing teams to set aside low-quality leads and longshots in favor of the focused, united pursuit of targeted accounts deemed to be strong fits for your specific product or service.

In today’s environment, where an increasingly digital marketplace and challenging economic circumstances are raising the bar for pinpoint messaging that resonates, ABM is a more logical framework than ever before

When LinkedIn recently surveyed B2B marketers, only 54% said they were currently using ABM, but 80% expressed an intent to invest more in it going forward. Whether you’re already already on board or still formulating your plans, we want to help you succeed with account based marketing on LinkedIn.

Our upcoming ‘I Heart ABM’ virtual event will provide unique insight and in-depth guidance from a field of experts (internal and external), so you can make your ABM program a winner. Let’s explore what awaits, and how you can join the action.

I Heart ABM: Your Master Class for Account Based Marketing on LinkedIn

At its core, account based marketing is about forging stronger connections. Every element of the practice — identifying high-value accounts, developing robust insights around them, and engaging them in meaningful ways — is aimed at bringing brands closer to the people they want to serve. Today, relationships are the primary drivers of business growth.

Of course, creating these connections is also more difficult with so many emerging barriers. Priya Parker addressed this dilemma in her op-ed for the New York Times this year, How We Gather Digitally Now

“I believe this is a moment where we can create rituals to create a common experience even while we’re apart,” she wrote.

Our goal with ‘I Heart ABM,’ coming to you in real-time via LinkedIn Live on September 10th at 12:00 pm ET, is to do just that. This three-hour event will feature a wide range of business minds and thought leaders speaking to a multitude of marketers who share a common objective: taking ABM to the next level through sophisticated strategy and powerful new tools.

We’re excited that Priya will be one of those featured voices, and there’s plenty more in store. Here’s a preview of the agenda:

The Winning Play competition is always a crowd favorite, as the audience gets to vote and select a champion. Those in attendance will be among the first to learn about new LinkedIn features and products designed specifically for ABM.

The event will also feature DJ sets, breaks, prizes, and giveaways to keep attendees energized and engaged throughout. 

You’ll come away from ‘I Heart ABM’ with a clear view of where account based marketing is now and where it’s headed. Attendees will be armed with actionable tips and success stories to help their teams pick the right battles and triumph.

Join us at 12:00 pm ET on Thursday, September 10th and let’s show ABM the love it deserves. Register here!