Building Brand Equity with Integral Ad Science

May 26, 2020

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All marketers want their brands to be safe. That’s a given. Now the next level of brand safety in online advertising is brand suitability. Let me explain. 

When planning a marketing campaign, brands tend to be primarily focused on creating a sticky message. However, in order for that campaign to be impactful, the ad must be seen—by a real human and in the intended suitable environment. 

Protecting your brand

So, what’s the best way to ensure that brands stay protected and see the highest possible return on their media investment? Partnering with an ad verification provider is the first step. At Integral Ad Science (IAS), we work with platforms like LinkedIn to provide the necessary tools to protect digital media ad spend and help create great impressions.

For programmatic buys, pre-bid filtering is absolutely necessary to ensure that ads only appear next to safe and suitable content. Brand safety has become the new normal—no advertiser wants their message to appear adjacent to terrorism, hate speech, or adult content. 

Reaching the right audience across all channels is key to activating a multi-touch strategy, and it’s important to ensure safety and suitability is understood no matter where audiences are found. IAS has partnered with the LinkedIn Audience Network to automatically filter out unsafe and invalid traffic platform-wide. 

Building trust in the digital world

When considering brand safety and suitability standards, the main concern discussed is trust and accountability. There have been recent innovations in the digital media buying industry that have enabled incredible amounts of automation, enabling marketers to quickly launch global campaigns. 

This kind of automation is powerful, but by placing trust in machines rather than people, one can feel like control is being sacrificed. Both IAS and LinkedIn agree that trust is a crucial component to any successful partnership, which is why we have combined forces to enable marketers to confidently bid on brand safe inventory, finding the right environments for all of their Sponsored Content campaigns. IAS’s predictive and real-time data give marketers transparency and quality control for native display and video ads, across desktop, mobile web, and in-app.

Advanced machine learning isn’t the only aspect of brand suitability. We understand the value of human input, and that’s why we encourage healthy conversations between marketers and all of their third-party partners. In our recent report, “The State of Brand Suitability,” published in partnership with Digiday, we found that brands are considered the most responsible for their own brand suitability efforts. 

“Brands have a responsibility to ensure that their agency, buying platform, and publishers are aligned on their brand suitability standards”, says Logan Kingman, Manager of Business Development at LinkedIn. “Brands that are the most successful in implementing a brand suitability strategy use a technology provider that provides solutions to all partners involved in their media buying.” By combining LinkedIn’s proprietary solutions with IAS’s predictive and real-time data, marketers can rest assured that they will be fully protected when running Sponsored Content on the LinkedIn Audience Network.

Trust and transparency are ingrained in how both IAS and LinkedIn build products and relationships. Together, we are proud to offer further control and consistency over the quality of media that is purchased on the LinkedIn Audience Network.

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