Emerging Best Practices for Engaging with Your Audiences

March 25, 2020

Emerging Best Practices for Engaging with Your Audiences

Conversations on LinkedIn typically reflect what’s happening in the business world. In January and February, the top two hashtags on LinkedIn were #marketing and #leadership. So far in March, the top two hashtags are #coronavirus and #COVID-19. 

On LinkedIn the number of articles about coronavirus increased by 17X between February 1 and March 17. The biggest topics of discussion we’ve seen on LinkedIn are perspectives and advice on remote working, social distancing, crisis management, business continuity, online learning, collaboration and more. For example, “remote working” searches on LinkedIn Learning tripled in March.

We’re seeing brands work through how they communicate with their audiences, from employees to customers, and have observed a set of emerging best practices. These focus on three general approaches:  

  • Managing employees through change
  • Leading with trust
  • Adapting to drive business continuity

Managing employees through change

Navigating these uncertain times poses a distinct challenge. The most effective enterprise brands are using their communications to reinforce company culture and keep employees connected virtually. Companies are helping their employees learn how to work remotely. And they are offering learning opportunities through online courses and virtual training.

The LEGO Group exhibited its company culture through fun virtual communications and activities. 

Leading with trust

In these uncertain times, companies are using transparent communications to demonstrate their reliability by discussing very real challenges and how they’re addressing them. Companies are striving to be as helpful as possible by talking directly with prospects about their challenges. And they are demonstrating corporate responsibility through action.

Mike Roman, CEO of 3M, announced the company’s plan to increase production for critical medical supplies to impacted cities.

Adapting to drive business continuity

On LinkedIn, leaders are driving their brand’s vision during these uncertain times. Companies are being customer-centric and keeping customers at the heart of their communications. We’re seeing leaders openly communicate, using platforms including LinkedIn, with the public about how they’re addressing challenges created by the pandemic.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau published plans to mobilize Canadian industry in order to fight COVID-19.

There are important conversations taking place on LinkedIn, and you have the opportunity to make a positive and memorable impact on your community — one that they’re sure to remember. We hope that these emerging best practices can be helpful in guiding as you continue to engage with your audiences about what matters most to your business.