Here’s Your Guide to Turning In-Person Events into Virtual Experiences on LinkedIn

July 21, 2020

Turning In-person Events into Virtual Events on LinkedIn

We recently surveyed hundreds of marketers and asked about their greatest anticipated challenges in the coming months. The second-most common answer, behind weathering budget cuts, was switching in-person to virtual events. 

Our new guide, Turning In-Person Events into Virtual Experiences on LinkedIn, aims to help you overcome this emerging challenge by walking you through the tools and capabilities available on our platform to ease and improve the transition.

LinkedIn Events for Pages

To help marketers maximize the success of their virtual experiences on LinkedIn, we’ve integrated two of our most powerful features: LinkedIn Events and LinkedIn Live. For the first time, you now have the ability to stream to both LinkedIn Event attendees and Page followers using LinkedIn Live.

By reading Turning In-Person Events into Virtual Experiences, you’ll learn the key distinctions between these solutions and how to activate them in combination with third-party broadcast tools.

Learn How the LinkedIn Media Productions Team Went Live Overnight

What does it take to seamlessly switch gears on a dime? We conducted a Q&A with Chris Packard, Senior Streaming Producer for the LinkedIn Media Productions team, which shifted all of its planned events online virtually overnight. 

A few of the recommendations he shares in the interview:

  • StreamYard suited his team perfectly as an all-in-one streaming studio tool that integrated easily with LinkedIn Live to facilitate their broadcasts.
  • The chat functionality of LinkedIn Events, as well as audience polls, are critical for recreating the organic sense of real-time interaction that in-person events offer.
  • Essentials for a home studio setup include: hardline internet connection, a camera other than your webcam, good lighting, and clear audio.

Adobe Summit Makes a Digital Pivot

Marketers can also read in our guide about another major brand that was able to quickly shift its biggest annual conference exclusively online. As the 2020 iteration of its famed digital experience conference, Adobe Summit, approached this past spring with 23,000 attendees registered, Adobe came to the realization that the planned physical event wouldn’t be a possibility.

The marketing team quickly sprung into action, moving the conference to LinkedIn Live and driving triple the pre-registrations they had initially hoped for. 

You’ll learn how they made it happen, and find first-hand tips from Adobe’s Director of Event Marketing, in the guide. Download Turning In-Person Events into Virtual Experiences on LinkedIn and unlock best-in-class examples and advice to help your team join the movement and make successful virtual events a reality.