How Genesys Uses Linkedin to Cut Through the Noise of B2B Technology Marketing

August 18, 2020

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For years, the marketing and sales teams were siloed at Genesys working independently to reach potential customers while the B2B buyer’s journey grew more and more complex. This was a challenge as the company sought to enter new international markets and reach more of the right people, at the right time. “Admittedly, I think sales and marketing have always had a bit of a collision relationship,” says Bruce Eidsvik, SVP of Global Revenue Marketing, “but by moving to an Account-Based Everything approach, we have honed our ability to identify who is on our buying committee. LinkedIn helps marketing and sales partner closely together by being a common source of truth.”


An ABM program on LinkedIn gave Genesys tools that helped the company to engage with customers in a highly targeted buyer’s journey using a range of creative methods. 

Starting with an aligned strategy for reaching new customers, LinkedIn assisted Genesys in identifying and pursuing accounts in a cohesive, strategic fashion. More persona data from LinkedIn allowed Genesys to target new markets with precision and expand the brand’s reach. “On LinkedIn, we can target personas we can’t reach on other platforms, which allows us to scale our advertising in very efficient, creative, and strategic ways,” shared Nash Haywood, Global Director of Digital Conversion. 

Recently, marketing’s relationship with sales “has gotten much closer. They see that [we] help to close deals. Now, sales comes to marketing asking for help,” adds Camila Cook, Head of Digital Marketing for the Americas. 


Internally, the company’s success is known as a true team effort, fueled by collaboration and powered by insights. On the outside, the results speak for themselves, with LinkedIn-enabled ABM campaigns showing the following impact: 

  • New prospect pipeline sourced by marketing increased 16%
  • New customer bookings contribution rose 30% year-over-year
  • Inquiries grew by 40% year-over-year
  • New customer engagements score grew by 10%
  • Cost per lead dropped by 30%
  • Sales Navigator influenced 64% of closed revenue in 2019 (5,681 deals were influenced by digitally-enabled selling, while 3,618 deals were sourced by digitally-enabled selling.)
  • Named ‘ABM Innovator of the Year’ by SMX

How Genesys Embraced Account-Based Marketing

Genesys didn’t launch a globally successful ABM program overnight. Mindful that early wins were crucial to gaining company-wide support, marketing and sales leaders piloted an Account-Based program with carefully selected, cross-functional teams. Once the pilot program demonstrated that aligned marketing and sales teams could generate results using tools like Sales Navigator to grow the pipeline, LinkedIn became heavily leveraged across the organization.

A Strong Partnership, Made Actionable and Effective with LinkedIn

With today’s technology decision-makers seeking input from colleagues, industry peers, thought leaders, online communities, and other sources, driving demand in a complex buying environment is challenging. Through LinkedIn, the Genesys Account-Based approach to winning over new customers is now distinguished by a strong partnership between marketing and sales. Now, the Genesys team can reach and engage with upwards of a dozen individuals, each with varying needs, and at different stages of consideration and awareness.

“With ABM on LinkedIn, we are able to get extremely precise about individuals who play specific roles at different stages of the buying cycle,” said Arnaud Kraaijvanger, SVP, Marketing Operations. “That changes the whole game because now you’re looking at accounts much more holistically, proactively and strategically.”

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