How Marketing on LinkedIn Drives Powerful Results for SAS

October 11, 2020

Engaging your target audience is a crucial step in establishing or promoting your brand. The right platform, an effective strategy, and intelligent tools are all crucial for expanding your business. With LinkedIn’s network of professionals, you can easily reach your ideal customers.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions helps organizations boost website traffic, generate quality leads, and build brand awareness. You can take a cue from SAS—a leading developer of analytics software—to understand how LinkedIn’s products can help in exploring new markets and driving impact.

Challenge: Building a presence across ASEAN countries

Performing digital marketing campaigns in silos, in a region as diverse as ASEAN, was quite a challenge for SAS. Maintaining consistency, tracking the results of ads and geo-activation was proving to be tricky. When the SAS team was looking for ways to create an effective digital marketing strategy for achieving their business goals, it came across LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

Leveraging LinkedIn Expertise: Building a successful partnership

Using our engaging digital assets, such as Sponsored Videos and Carousel Ads, SAS created and distributed relevant content to attract the right audience on LinkedIn. With this approach, SAS created awareness early in the purchase process. Generating high quality and high volume leads became much easier for SAS. The SAS team was also able to target IT decision-makers and invite them to their events and webinars. Ultimately, SAS generated new business, increased pipeline revenue, and enhanced lead quality.

Results: Enhanced Lead Quality and Increased Pipeline Revenue

SAS’ results speak for themselves. The partnership with LinkedIn enhanced their lead quality and increased pipeline revenue. Ultimately the team at SAS was successful in generating $2.54 million in sales pipeline – equating to a 2035% return on marketing investments.

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