How Tableau Achieved Over 90% Lead Gen Form Submission Rates with LinkedIn’s Conversation Ads

November 18, 2020

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A pioneer in the democratization of data analytics and data visualization, Tableau is used by millions of people in non-profits, businesses, governments, and schools to drive change with insights. Over the course of its 17-year-long history, Tableau has nurtured a powerful and global community of users across more than 80 countries. 


Tableau has long used events to forge connections between users, share knowledge, and help organizations become more data driven. But the abrupt shift to virtual everything in 2020 meant that Tableau’s premier events would be online-only. The company needed a new and powerful way to bring IT Decision Makers and Data Analysts to two of its most important virtual events of the year: The Virtual IT Summit and the Data Analyst Summit. 


Tableau leveraged LinkedIn to drive event registrations as the top platform to reach and engage with professional audiences of any seniority and title. Specifically, Tableau used Sponsored Content and Conversation Ads to provide general event awareness to members in the LinkedIn feed, while delivering tailored messages to particular audiences, right to their LinkedIn inbox.


The results were impressive. With its multi-format approach, Tableau saw Conversation Ads drive Lead Gen Form Submission Rates over 90% on average. 

"Conversation Ads helped our Lead Gen Forms be more efficient. It’s a large ask to get someone to attend a long event with limited information. Conversation Ads allowed us to share additional event information – from speakers to sessions – that really helped drive conversions." --Grace Arends, Digital Marketing Specialist at Tableau

With this success, Tableau plans to expand use of Conversation Ads, leveraging key executives in their organization to promote content, webinars, events, and bottom-of-the-funnel activities for their most important audiences.

“We’re happy with the success we’ve seen driving event registrations with Conversation Ads,” Arends said. “We plan to test this format out within other campaigns to offer more dynamic choices for our most important audiences.” 

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Start Quality Conversations with the Professionals you want to Engage

As audience preferences evolve toward being more interactive and conversational, savvy advertisers are changing the way they connect with communities. Conversation Ads let you engage your audience with interactive experiences that yield real results. By creating a “choose your own” dialogue path, Conversation Ads allow you to build deeper connections with professionals while generating quality leads. 

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