More Ways LinkedIn Can Help You Find the Audiences to Grow Your Business

February 13, 2020

LinkedIn Audiences

Reaching the right professionals is the key for any B2B marketing campaign. Over the last few months, our team at LinkedIn has been busy building more ways you can find the audience who grows your business. To help you keep track of it all, we’re recapping the latest advances in this blog post.

This or that. You can now choose between ‘and’ or ‘or’ 

How do I reach professionals with certain interests, skills or job titles? If you’ve asked yourself some flavor of this question, you aren’t alone. Through surveys and conversations with marketers, something we often heard is that you want ways to find your audience using different criteria and within a single campaign.

With our latest release, you can now use combinations of criteria — such as job function, interests, seniority, and titles in a single campaign, giving you greater flexibility and ease in finding the kinds of professionals you’re looking for.

Let’s take a look at an example. Say your ideal audience is software engineers with a senior or above level. Now, you can set up your audience to reach these professionals by job titles or skills, while still homing in on only those with more years of experience.

Example: senior software engineerings

  • Job title: software engineer 
  • Or skills: software development or software engineering
  • And job experience: +5 years
  • Or seniority level: Senior or above

To learn how this can work for your next campaign, check out the how-to video or visit our Help Center

Introducing new ways to reach important contacts

Another thing we regularly hear from marketers is that you often have professionals you’d like to reach on LinkedIn but may not always have specific information about them, such as their email address. 

That’s why we recently released a set of new fields for matched audiences — such as first and last name, job titles, the company they work for, or their mobile device ID. You can use any of these fields to increase the number of professionals available in your audience or to use them in combination to increase the precision of those matches. 

We took the past six months to test these improvements with marketers and found that when using these fields, marketer using LinkedIn saw an average of a +30% improvement in the number of Matches.

One of our customers with early access to this new feature was State Street SPDR® ETFs.

Prior to participating in the contact match beta program, our match rates were typically in the 35%-65% range as our target audience does not typically use professional e-mail addresses on LinkedIn. With the enhanced contact match template, we’re seeing a significant increase in our match rates, yielding an additional 15%-25% in matches. This is a huge boon for our program as it enables us to both expand our reach and micro-target, creating more niche segments that were previously impossible due to LinkedIn’s match minimums. — Liz Kiehm, State Street

To learn more about how this works and to download a template to help you get started visit Help Center.

Discover your audience before you launch a campaign

Forecasted results have long been a marketer's best friend. After all, they provide you ways to hone in your campaigns and focus every dollar spent on the right audience.

Now, you can use the forecasting panel in LinkedIn Campaign Manager to know the right information about your audience, including audience reach, type, and spend before you even press launch. You can also customize the panel to surface specific professional characteristics, such top industries, years of experience, or company sizes for your audience. 

To learn more about forecasted results visit Help Center.

All the features mentioned are globally available now to all advertisers. We also have more updates coming throughout the year, and we’ll be back soon to share more. Until then, for more information on any of these features visit our Help Center or contact our support team.

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