Return to Growth 2021 Magazine Out Now

A marketer’s guide to the year ahead

February 12, 2021

Return to Growth 2021 Magazine Out Now

Editor's Note: A version of this post originally ran on the LinkedIn EMEA blog.

Few could have predicted how profoundly the business landscape would be disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Equally though, few could have predicted how dynamically marketers would respond. Everywhere you look, there are businesses innovating new solutions, new ways to bring them to market, and new ways to create value for themselves and their customers. And everywhere you look, you find marketers driving this process forward.

We believe that 2021 represents a unique moment of opportunity for marketing, and for B2B marketers in particular, to redefine our ability to influence business strategy, align with functions like sales and finance, build resilient, responsive organizations and drive growth now and into the future.

Return to Growth 2021 is available to read online now. It pulls together all of the latest thinking on the changing role of marketing within business strategies – and all the latest tips and ideas for taking advantage:

  • The five essential steps for building your recovery plan
  • How to make a cast-iron case for marketing ROI
  • Inspiration from Adobe, VMware, NatWest, Philips and American Express
  • Building your digital marketing skills with LinkedIn Marketing Labs
  • The ultimate guide to maximising your budget – and optimizing your campaigns
  • Aligning your business around customer value
  • Why it pays to think big in terms of audience and impact
Marketing is having a renaissance,” says LinkedIn’s UK Country Manager and VP EMEA & LATAM, Josh Graff. “Boards and CEOs are urgently looking to the CMO as a key driver of profitable short and long-term growth. There is a great opportunity for marketers to respond by aligning their success metrics with the rest of the business, and clearly demonstrating the value they create.”

From the CEO and CFO down, businesses now recognize that marketing is an essential investment in recovery. Our colleagues are more interested than ever in how our strategies can secure short-term demand and long-term profitability; in how we can help them understand a changing marketplace and position them to succeed in it. The last year has been a challenge like no other. However, the years to come will represent an opportunity like no other as well. 

Read our Return to Growth 2021 issue online and start your recovery planning here.