Are You Equipped to Adapt to the Shifting Marketing Jobs Landscape?

July 19, 2021

Alex Rynne, Connie Chen, Tequia Burt

The term “disruption” when referring to the past 15 months probably wore out its welcome for everyone about 13 months ago. But it’s hard to think of a better way to describe the shakeup seen in marketing jobs during this time — how they’re performed, where they’re performed, and by whom. These changes will ripple forward for years to come.

With an accelerated reliance on technology, employer needs are shifting and growing. In turn, that’s created more opportunities for marketing professionals to pursue than most other industries. At LinkedIn we’ve seen a 63% growth in marketing jobs over the past six months, with more than 380K jobs posted in the past year. 

That upward trend certainly applies for specialized marketers in the digital space, but is not limited to them. Other positions with creative problem-solving capabilities and “soft skills” that bring a level of humanity to an increasingly digital world are also in high demand. 

Remote and hybrid environments have reshaped the landscape in seismic ways, some of which might surprise you. Online skills-based learning options are proving to be a beacon of access and opportunity as new capabilities rise in demand. Gender balance in marketing seems to be moving in a positive direction, but much progress is still needed in terms of racial and ethnic diversity. 

All of these trends are converging to shape an exciting future for the current and coming generations of marketers. Are you in a position to take advantage?

We’re going Live with Marketers on Thursday, July 22nd at 2:00 PM CT/11:00 AM PT to talk more about the rapidly evolving marketing jobs landscape. 

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Live with Marketers @ Home: The Changing Marketing Jobs Landscape

For this episode of our award-winning talk show for and by marketers, I’ll be hosting an expert discussion with Connie Chen, Senior Insights Analyst at LinkedIn, and Tequia Burt, Global Blog Editor at LinkedIn. We’ll cover exclusive LinkedIn insights and advice for marketing pros ready to move up or move on, including where the best jobs are headed and which emerging trends are influencing the future of marketing.

Join us to catch up on:

  • Which marketing jobs are in highest demand? Yes, digital, social and SEO have been the name of the game since during the pandemic. Media Coordinator, Search Manager, and Social Media Coordinator top the list of the fastest growing roles. But the continued need for more classic roles like Marketing Manager and Account Supervisor indicate foundational knowledge is still key, as well as the need to train the next generation to learn it.
  • Which LinkedIn Learning courses can you take to upskill? There’s never been a better time in marketing to consider making a move within the field, or blazing a path into a new one. Skills-based learning has opened the door for marketers looking to reinvent themselves, enabling them to upskill or even reskill in an in-demand specialty to leverage new opportunities. Getting certified in areas like digital strategy, Omniture, link-building, and off-page SEO can make anyone — regardless of education or experience — a coveted asset. But it’s not all digital all the time. Employers are also keenly aware of the need for competency in more durable skills, making capabilities like creative problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication some of the fastest-rising skills in demand.
  • How is remote work changing the game? As geographical barriers continue to crumble, remote marketing opportunities continue to dominate the job boards. Paid “remote work” postings on LinkedIn rose by 457% compared to last year, and remote marketing job listings increased by 177% in the past six months. The trend has been a boon for employees and employers alike, opening up the search for talent beyond city limits and allowing professionals to seek their ideal between where they work and where they live. But where do we go from here, where are the offices filling back up first, and which cities offer the highest salaries?
  • Where do gender and racial diversity stand in the new world of work? Today, women hold 60% of marketing jobs in North America. And in some industries like Real Estate and Health & Wellness, that number is upwards of 70%. Even more encouraging is the fact that women continue to climb the ladder and lay claim to key managerial roles. Still, despite positive trends in gender equity as a whole, the data is clear that there’s much work to be done on racial equity with Black women being severely underrepresented in those leadership roles. What are the challenges standing in the way of creating a level playing field for all?

We hope you’ll join us for some insights on these questions, and be ready to jump into the conversation with questions of your own throughout as part of the discussion. 

Marketing has never been a static industry, but it’s also never been more in flux than it is today. With the “disruption” comes change, and with this change comes opportunity for marketing professionals to grow in new functions — even new locations — and take control of their career. 

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