Highlight Your Expertise With Our New LinkedIn Marketing Labs Certifications

July 21, 2021

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Digital marketing tools are more robust than ever — and growing more complex and powerful with each passing month. It’s not enough to have general experience or be a “Jack/Jill of all trades.” Today, companies want to know that you’re an expert when it comes to the most powerful digital marketing platforms. That’s why we’re offering a free certification program through LinkedIn Marketing Labs. Our new certification program recognizes individuals who demonstrate proficiencies in advertising with LinkedIn.

Getting certified enables you to showcase your LinkedIn marketing expertise, differentiate yourself from other marketers, and show your familiarity with our advertising tools. After completing a certification exam, you'll receive a credential that’s added to your LinkedIn profile, distinguishing you as a proven expert. 

LinkedIn Marketing Labs Certifications are free and open to anyone! Let’s take a look at the benefits of certification and how to take what you learn to create successful LinkedIn campaigns for your company, clients, or brand. 

Why Become an Accredited LinkedIn Marketing Expert?

If you’re a digital marketer, you likely aren’t a stranger to certification courses, and if you’re new to digital marketing, you’re probably looking for opportunities to learn more. Ambitious and knowledge-hungry marketers – novice or experienced – understand the importance of ongoing marketing education, and how it distinguishes you from the growing crowd of digital marketers. 

Over 20,000 digital marketing and advertising professionals have taken courses through LinkedIn Marketing Labs – a number that’s growing by the month. The reason? As more companies see results from LinkedIn Ads, they’re looking to employ marketers who can increase their ROI and reach. Getting certified enables you to showcase your expertise with LinkedIn Ads, demonstrating your understanding of best practices. 

In building the LinkedIn Marketing Labs Certifications, our team sought out marketing experts, like Amanda Grant, VP Global Head of Social at GroupM, for input. GroupM played a major role, piloting and providing feedback on the certification program structure and questions. As a result, GroupM had the highest number of individuals certified during the pilot.

“Accreditation is a key pillar in GroupM’s approach to social excellence where we invest in learning and development to upskill our teams. Our involvement in the LinkedIn Marketing Labs Certification pilot allowed us to provide feedback and, with a large number of our teams already certified, more deeply strengthen our LinkedIn marketing expertise.” – Amanda Grant, VP Global Head of Social at GroupM

What is LinkedIn Marketing Labs Certifications and Why Is It Valuable?

At its core, LinkedIn Marketing Labs Certifications helps you learn the science of marketing to professionals, using LinkedIn’s marketing tools. As the world’s largest network for business professionals, it’s imperative for B2B marketers to understand the nuances of effective marketing within the platform. 

We’ve released two certifications to showcase your level of ability as a marketer on the platform:

  • Fundamentals Certification (Basic): Demonstrates expertise in launching LinkedIn Ad campaigns and tactics. With this certification, you can run successful LinkedIn Ad campaigns that drive business results.
  • Marketing Strategy Certification (Intermediate): Demonstrates expertise in leveraging LinkedIn Ads for full-funnel strategies, including Brand Awareness and Lead Generation. Once certified, you can create marketing strategies that leverage the full suite of LinkedIn marketing tools.

You will have 60 minutes to answer 60 multiple choice questions, and when you pass the exams you will receive a certificate to distinguish your abilities and reflect your completion. We encourage you to showcase your new credentials on your LinkedIn profile, in your email signature, and even print them for your portfolio. 

While you will benefit from the instant recognition of your certification badge, the practical skills you’re able to showcase are immeasurably more valuable. Here’s what Nate Levinson from GroupM, the world’s largest media investment company, shared about the benefits that accompany LinkedIn Marketing Labs Certifications:

“As a long-time user of LinkedIn’s Ads platform, the chance to upskill my abilities through their certification was one I immediately jumped at. Having that LinkedIn Marketing Labs certificate on my profile will only better serve me as I continue on in my career.” - Nate Levinson, Director, Paid Social at Wavemaker, a GroupM agency.

What Makes LinkedIn Marketing Labs Certifications Different?

For starters, LinkedIn Marketing Labs Certifications are free! We don’t believe it should cost you anything to develop or demonstrate your expertise in LinkedIn Advertising. In fact, not only is certification free, optional courses and practice tests are also free to help you pass.

You aren’t required to take our courses to get certified but we offer a variety of courses to support the work you’re doing—from using LinkedIn’s Ad Targeting tools, to understanding reporting and analytics. Choose your learning path and sharpen your skills on your terms. 

LinkedIn Marketing Labs Certifications teaches you how to tap into both LinkedIn and our network of publishers to reach millions of professionals across multiple touchpoints. . 

Get Certified Now!

If you’re a digital marketer intent on staying at the forefront of a constantly evolving industry, your next step forward is certification through LinkedIn Marketing Labs. Get started today for free and position yourself as an expert when it comes to B2B marketing with the world’s largest professional network. Visit LinkedIn Marketing Labs and get certified today.