How Johnson & Johnson Drives Massive Engagement on LinkedIn Live

June 10, 2021

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A global priority right now for each country is making sure the COVID-19 vaccination program is rolled out as quickly as possible. One company in a unique position to help achieve this goal is New Brunswick, New Jersey-based Johnson & Johnson, the largest and most broadly based healthcare company in the world. 


Johnson & Johnson has committed to producing and delivering 1 billion doses of a vaccine across the world. In order to promote the efficacy of the vaccine, it was important for the healthcare giant to keep consumers informed about their journey.

To update consumers – and keep them entertained at the same time – the company created “Road to a Vaccine,” an eight-episode educational video series that examines how the global community is responding to the pandemic and breaks down the complex process of developing a coronavirus vaccine. 

They tapped well-known broadcast journalist Lisa Ling to talk to leading scientists and researchers, healthcare workers on the front lines and public health experts around the world who are working collaboratively to bring an end to the deadly pandemic.


Johnson & Johnson decided to leverage LinkedIn Live to help promote “Road to a Vaccine,” as the platform’s trusted environment and professional targeting capabilities helped them reach its desired audience. “It’s important for us to be able to hone in and target global advocacy, and target politicians and doctors and nurses,” said Lauren Ruotolo, Director of Creative Partnerships at Johnson & Johnson.

Further, a unique combination of Sponsored Content and Message Ads directed at the global healthcare industry also created awareness and drove viewership throughout the series. Both of Johnson & Johnson’s ad campaigns consistently surpassed benchmarks and helped drive the show’s success.

“The value we get from running ‘The Road to the Vaccine’ on LinkedIn Live is showcasing in real-time not just our commitment to the creation of a potential COVID-19 vaccine, but how we’re collaborating with the world and the scientific community on many different levels,” Ruotolo said.

We’ve put together the following infographic to show how Johnson & Johnson was able to generate more than 1 million views for “Road to a Vaccine” on LinkedIn.

A Trusted Platform

While the topic of its “The Road to a Vaccine” show is relevant to almost everyone on the planet, Johnson & Johnson was particularly interested in reaching a professional community in the proper context, which made LinkedIn an excellent fit. The audience responded, as a sentiment study around comments during the live-stream found that 97% were either neutral or positive.

“First and foremost, LinkedIn is a trusted source for us,” Ruotolo said. “And we reach the exact community that we need to based on our commitments for the world.”

Staying globally connected

Not only does LinkedIn Live present a fitting venue for holding virtual events like this during the current times, but also opens doors for similar distant collaborations in the future, by making it easy to connect experts and specialists from around the world.

“We’re able to bring together global voices on one platform and do it in our living rooms,” Ruotolo said. “People like Peggy Hamburg, who’s the ex-FDA commissioner. And our Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Paul Stoffels who’s in Belgium. People that are in the lab, in the Netherlands. And to then speak to people in New York, and really bring all of these very important topics together under one umbrella. And that’s what I think LinkedIn Live has given us.”

Whereas we can reach huge audiences on other platforms outside of LinkedIn, we don’t reach a quality of a certain audience. And that’s why we really believe that it’s the most trusted platform out there.” – Lauren Ruotolo, Director of Creative Partnerships at Johnson & Johnson

Learn more about how Johnson & Johnson was able to drive massive engagement by checking out the full infographic.