Learn How Jabra Keeps Brand and Demand in Tune

Our Infographic guide shows how the global leader in professional audio translated timely awareness into quality leads.

August 12, 2021

Jabra Tunes into Quality Audiences on LinkedIn illustration

The shift to a digital, distributed workforce creates important opportunities for a global leader in professional audio equipment. It also creates a challenge. Jabra needed to build a pipeline of potential customers that understood how it could help power the transition to remote, digital working. Within its target accounts, the business needed to convince all of those influencing hardware purchase decisions: IT decision-makers, but also the many employees who have a say over which headphones or other equipment they use.

In other words, Jabra needed a way to bring together brand building and demand generation when it mattered: for high potential accounts and those with an active interest in equipping employees for remote working. Fortunately, its marketing team knew the ideal platform for this type of sophisticated brand-to-demand approach: LinkedIn.

Over the last three years, Jabra has built a powerful Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy on LinkedIn, using Sponsored Content and Message Ads to target IT decision-makers at over 100 top global accounts. At the same time, it engages employees at those accounts more widely through ads promoting employee discount programmes. As Senior Marketing Manager Morten Friburg Jensen explains, “we run 300-400 campaigns on LinkedIn each year. There’s simply no way to hit an audience so precisely anywhere else.”

We’ve created an Infographic that tells the story of how Jabra built on this activity to create a multi-dimensional brand-to-demand campaign. It’s a visual guide to how to deliver a relevant brand message and translate that engagement into quality leads:

  • How video ads brought Jabra’s support for digital transformation to life
  • Retargeting strategies that segment audiences based on the pages of Jabra’s website that they visit
  • Tactics for using single image ads and Lead Gen Forms to move prospects through the funnel
  • The value of retargeting based on engagement with Lead Gen Forms, increasing CTR by up to 3x and boosting the qualification rate from MQLs to SQLs

Jabra is mastering the art of combining brand and demand on LinkedIn, building out its pipeline and transforming the quality of its leads. Scroll down for inspiration and tactics to help you do the same.

Want more inspiration for connected marketing strategies? You’ll find it in our full brand-to-demand playbook. And to discover how Jabra leveraged its LinkedIn strategy to engage LinkedIn’s own employees, download our full case study.