Ready for Business 2021 Magazine Out Now

A Marketer’s guide to moving forward

June 25, 2021

Cover of Ready to Do Business magazine

Marketing isn’t just about targeting particular demographics, industries or buyer personas. It’s also about reaching people in the right mindset: a mindset that’s ready to do business. As people, companies and economies rebuild following the pandemic, growth depends on inspiring the people who are ready to move forward – and inspiring as many of them as possible. We’ve created a new digital magazine that’s packed with ideas for making this magic happen.

Ready for Business 2021 explores everything that’s involved in using digital marketing to drive growth and get your strategy moving. There’s detailed insight on identifying your highest-value audiences and engaging them when they’re at their most receptive. We dig deep into the growing importance of trust and thought leadership content in a post-pandemic world, highlight the changing nature of B2B buyer journeys, and share stories and strategies for how your marketing can inspire, entertain – and engage the ready for business mindset at scale.

Ready for Business 2021 is available to read online for free now. Don’t miss out on the latest thinking to help move your business forward:

  • Oxford University’s Rachel Botsman on how to build trust into brand strategy
  • Edelman’s framework for planning executive thought leadership
  • Interviews with marketing leaders at Salesforce, Microsoft, DocuSign, Maersk and more
  • Inspiring campaigns from the likes of Upwork, Cisco, Johnson & Johnson and Spotify
  • The new generation of buyers rewriting the rules of B2B
  • Our data-driven guide to better video advertising
  • The future role of virtual events

Explore Ready for Business 2021 – and set yourself up for success this year.