Reporting and Analytics: A Closer Look at the Insight Tag and Conversion Tracking

April 22, 2021

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The Insight Tag is one of the most powerful (free!) tools in the LinkedIn marketer’s repertoire, enabling capabilities like Conversion Tracking that extend the value of your activities well beyond the platform itself. 

To show you what we mean, and help you take full advantage of what these features can do, let’s take a deep dive.

What Is the LinkedIn Insight Tag, Exactly?

It’s a lightweight snippet of JavaScript code you can add to your website to unlock new dimensions of reporting and analytics. It is free to use, easy to install, and comprehensive in the ways it can elevate your marketing strategy.

With the Insight Tag equipped, you’ll be able to leverage LinkedIn capabilities like Website Analytics, Retargeting, and Conversion Tracking. Here, we’ll be focusing primarily on the latter, and how it can inform your decisions in a variety of ways.

How to Install the LinkedIn Insight Tag

First, click into Campaign Manager. Select “Insight Tag” under the “Account Assets” section of the top menu, and then click “See tag” under the “Manage Insight Tag” dropdown in the upper-right corner. 

Here, you’ll have three options for installing the Insight Tag: installing the snippet yourself, sending it to your web developer, or using a tag manager. The video below quickly walks you through each of these methods:

If adding the tag yourself, we recommend placing it in the global header or footer of your site's code so it can track data across the entire website. Note that it can take up to 24 hours to verify your domain, and you'll need to record at least 300 visitors with the tag installed before you start seeing data.

How Conversion Tracking Works on LinkedIn

Attribution has been a tough nut for modern marketers to crack. It’s important that we illustrate and verify the impact of our activities, but the connection between a marketing touch and a customer conversion are not always straightforward. 

Conversion Tracking can provide more comprehensive visibility into the role your marketing tactics and campaigns have on driving key actions.

You can always closely track results within LinkedIn using Campaign Manager’s built-in reporting tools, but Conversion Tracking gives you the ability to measure and analyze actions outside of LinkedIn.

For example, if a member clicks through your ad and takes a desired step on your website (e.g., downloading a whitepaper or signing up for a product demo) you’ll be able to record the conversion in association with your LinkedIn campaign even though it happened outside of the platform.

Not only can you track post-click conversions with this tool, you’ll also be able to track post-view conversions, providing a more holistic view of your marketing and advertising impact. You can watch this video to learn more about Conversion Tracking setup and frequently asked questions. 

Customer Success Story: LinkedIn Insight Tag and Conversion Tracking in Action

Today's B2B companies place a prevalent focus on not just generating leads, but generating quality leads. Doing so requires a higher level of insight and analysis. Corporate Visions, a provider of sales and marketing training, turned to the Insight Tag and Conversion Tracking to help unlock it.

Corporate Visions deployed a new strategy on LinkedIn backed by vigilant oversight. Rather than simply letting their ads run on autopilot, the teams kept close tabs on their KPIs and how various audience segments were responding. By continually tweaking and turning dials based on which leads were taking the desired actions (both on LinkedIn and their website), Corporate Visions placed optimization at the heart of their strategy.

As a result, the company saw more than 2X ROI from LinkedIn ad campaigns over a year-long span, with a 116% increase in MQLs year-over-year

“Being able to see right away which ads, audiences, or strategies are not working is crucial to our success,” said Kerri Potter, Digital Advertising Manager at Closed Loop. “We need to be able to focus our budget on what we know is working, and turn off anything that isn’t.”

It’s a great example of a smart, big-picture strategy built for the new era of marketing, and it’s the type of approach that other brands and marketers can easily adopt on LinkedIn. It all starts with getting that Insight Tag installed and starting to measure your campaigns more robustly. 

Learn More About Reporting and Analytics on LinkedIn

If you want to learn more about the Insight Tag, Conversion Tracking, and all other things relating to campaign measurement and optimization, explore our free course in the LinkedIn Marketing Labs: Reporting and Analytics on LinkedIn