Return to Growth: Resources to Re-ignite Your Marketing Results

March 19, 2021

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If you’re like most marketers, the better part of your past year has been spent scrambling. With strategies thrown awry by drastic global disruption, our collective energy has been consumed by trying to react, adapt, and stay above water. 

We’re now a full year past the initial onset of lockdowns, and slowly but surely, a sense of normalcy is returning. Marketers are once again peering ahead, setting their plans for success in a reshaped business environment.

To help you kickstart your marketing and hit the ground running, we’ve gathered up a collection of our best practical and tactical resources, all sharing a focus on helping brands and marketers grow in the new era.

Return to Growth in 2021 and Beyond With These B2B Marketing Resources

A visual breakdown of the audience makeup and user engagement trends on LinkedIn leaves no doubt that it should be a key fixture in any forward-looking B2B marketing arsenal. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!

So, we know your B2B audience is present and active on LinkedIn, but chances are, so are your competitors. How can you break through and demonstrate your brand’s unique value? Our brief guide compiled in partnership with Edelman offers five different actionable strategies, from focusing on your customers’ customers to building trust through high-quality thought leadership.

Did you know: While the typical B2B sales cycle length falls in the range of four to six months, studies show that 77% of marketers measure ROI within the first month of their campaigns. Our pocket guide makes a detailed, data-backed case for slowing down marketing measurement to align with the realities of big buying committees and relationship-driven sales. 

On the subject of campaign measurement, we’re making it easier than ever to stay on top of your LinkedIn campaigns and drive toward continual improvement with this handy six-point checklist, featuring tips on the Insight Tag, Lead Gen Forms, Campaign Demographics, and more.

In order to properly measure and communicate the value of content marketing activities, it’s important to know the distinction between KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and ROI (Return On Investment). One should be viewed as a checkpoint, the other a finish line. Our infographic delineates the specific marketing metrics that nest under each category.

The last year served as a not-so-gentle reminder that things do not always go to plan. In this excellent guest post on our blog, Mike Menkes of Analytics Partners laid out the fundamentals of B2B scenario planning, and how companies can stay nimble by building a test-and-learn culture founded on robust measurement. Mike shared great insights while appearing on an episode of Live with Marketers:

Creativity is an art, of course, but it’s also a science. Understanding and tailoring your content around the shared characteristics of top performers will set you up for greater success. This mini-guide shows how you can apply three consistent traits of engaging and impactful B2B creative. 

If you’ve ever wondered what always-on content is, or why it’s gaining more traction these days, this resource has your answers. You’ll learn how an evergreen approach gives your content legs for the long run, yielding value that stands the test of time. 

We’ve had no shortage of content on our blogs aimed at helping marketers make a smooth transition to virtual events, but seeing real-world examples in action always tends to be most instructive. In this blog post and accompanying infographic, you’ll learn about the 2020 Adobe Summit and an 11th-hour pivot from live to virtual event, which ended up tripling its initial goal for pre-registrations. 

In another success story for the new era of marketing, VMware executed a sophisticated LinkedIn strategy that involved retargeting video viewers with tailored content, leading to CTRs and CPLs that shattered benchmarks. It’s an especially valuable read for those in the tech marketing space.

Our fully-fledged digital magazine offers a comprehensive and in-depth look at marketing’s reinvention in a post-pandemic world, with wide-ranging guidance and insight. You can read the entire magazine online.

The recipe for rapid business growth looks different now than it did a few years ago, and will surely look different a few years from now. In this episode of Live with Marketers, LinkedIn’s  Grace MacDonald and Josh Graff are joined by RVF’s Samairah Maqsood and Andrew Harkness, who share the story of their company’s explosive growth driven by a unique workplace culture.

When planning a new campaign, there are a number of things to account for and keep in mind: objectives, metrics, tactics, ad types and specs. These interactive worksheets makes it easy for you, providing all of this information in one place, and templates for you to fill out and organize your efforts.

Change Gears After a Strange Year

The return to growth is only beginning. We hope that the resources, videos, templates, and guides above can help you spring forth into a brave new marketing world, but we’ll be providing plenty more to help you along the way. Stay tuned to discover the three things that'll help you build lasting impact and accelerate your business on LinkedIn and beyond: Reach, Engagement and Trust.

In the upcoming months, we’ll explore LinkedIn’s unique targeting facets, simple to use build-branding tools, B2B creative tips, what it takes to build brand trust today, and more. 

Exciting times are ahead for marketers. Seize the moment and ride the wave of growth. You can subscribe to the LinkedIn Marketing Blog to stay in the loop.