How Teamwork Can Take Your LinkedIn Company Page to the Next Level

February 6, 2016

"In order for a brand to fully realize the benefits of the new LinkedIn [content] platform, all team members must be engaged with LinkedIn." -  Eric Schiffer, world-leading expert in digital marketing 

Is your LinkedIn Company Page presence a one-person show? If so, you're missing out on massive opportunities to engage your professional audience.

Get the broader team involved and watch your LinkedIn Company Page metrics take off. Here are a few team-oriented ideas to help improve your content marketing on LinkedIn.

Publish leadership content on LinkedIn

If your organization is like most, the “voices” of your company are already publishing thought leadership content on the company blog. If they don’t have time to create original content for the LinkedIn platform, they can simply repurpose original content with slight variations that allow the content to appeal to a broader professional audience.

A few advantages of getting your thought leaders to publish on LinkedIn are:

  • Your thought leaders will begin to grow their own follower network on LinkedIn, leading to increased reach for your branded content in a trusted, professional context
  • Publishing content on the LinkedIn platform is a great way to add followers to your LinkedIn Company Page and Showcase Pages
  • Content published on LinkedIn is indexed in search enginesYou can further share this content via your other social networks

Don’t forget to link to the company blog on your Company Page – it drives traffic and it’s an easy link building win.

Other opportunities for the broader team

Your company is comprised of talented, interesting people. Show the human side of your brand by letting your audience see the people behind it.

Here are just a few ways to get meaningful contributions from your team members:

  • Product managers can create content that generates product or brand-specific conversations on your LinkedIn Showcase Pages
  • LinkedIn members’ feeds are personalized for location and language. Regional marketers can help you strengthen connections locally by adding relevance for specific members of your audience
  • The customer service manager can use the Company Page platform to discuss common questions and/or how your company is helping to address themHuman resources can share employee achievements, company initiatives and other interesting happenings

Every employee can pitch in

Encourage employees to link their profiles to your LinkedIn Company Page. This will allow more profile viewers to discover, and hopefully follow, your Company Page. And speaking of followers, employees should also follow your Company Page for a few reasons.

First, gaining more Company Page followers can create a “strength in numbers” momentum that makes it easier for others to follow. It’s natural for us to go with the crowd, meaning we’re more likely to follow companies and people with a larger follower base.   

Next, the combined network of your employees is likely much, much larger than that of your company. Tap into this extended network. Did you know employees are 70% more likely to click, share and/or comment on an update? Use this to your advantage to extend the reach of your branded content.

And don’t forget about cross-channel opportunities to build your LinkedIn community. Encourage employees to embed a follow button in their email signatures, especially those on the front lines such as sales and customer service. Better yet, include a headline or a teaser to a relevant article from your Company Page.

Finally, encourage employees to publish their own content. Consider holding a mini workshop for those who are interested to help them get started.

It’s a win/win when you get it right – employees improve their personal brand while simultaneously boosting the corporate brand.

In fact, employee content is a contributing factor to your company’s Content Marketing Score.  A simple way to do this is by adding a note to your editorial calendar to have one or two employees expand on a topic on your Company Page.

Teamwork is the best way to place not only your brand, but your entire company at the center of the professional content revolution that’s happening right now.

For more definitive marketing tips and strategies to achieve your content marketing goals on LinkedIn, download our guide.