Company Page Managers, Let’s Get Visual [Infographic]

September 11, 2017

How to Create Compelling Visual Content Infographic

Suppose you hired Picasso to run your LinkedIn Company Page. You’d be expecting top-notch visual content, right?

But before you let your dreams run wild, it’s worth looking at the tools you’re giving him to execute his vision. Even Picasso would be hard-pressed to create something memorable from stock photography.

Humans are visual creatures. Research from MIT has shown that a person can process and remember an image after viewing it for just 13 milliseconds. When it comes to creating successful digital content, a visual element is critical to maximizing engagement. No matter how strong your written content may be, its performance is almost always influenced by your ability to pair that content with compelling images and dynamic visual content.

To that end, we’ve put together our “Let’s Get Visual” infographic to help creators get more savvy about how they produce stunning visual content. If you’re tired of cycling through the same well-worn stock photos and settling for visual content that fails to impress, it’s time to get visual and take your photos and images into your own hands.

By following our tips and tricks for choosing and creating your visual content, creators will be able to test these new images against one another to identify their top-performing assets. These compelling visuals will also boost the performance of content shared through social media, boosting your customer engagement and your content ROI.

This infographic will teach you:

  • Why great images are even more important than great headlines
  • Tips and tricks for creating visual content
  • How to use 10 free (or almost free) online tools to keep costs in check

If you’re ready to unleash your inner Picasso and improve your social content, download the LinkedIn Company Pages Playbook today.