Announcing LinkedIn’s Top 10 Company Pages of 2018

August 13, 2018

Announcing LinkedIn’s Top 10 Company Pages of 2018

Editor's Note: Enjoy this special encore post which was one of our readers' favorites in 2018. Happy New Year! (Note that LinkedIn Company Pages are now LinkedIn Pages).

We asked, and you answered — in a big way.

Last month we opened up nominations for Best of Company Pages 2018. After receiving over 13k submissions nominating 945 different Company Pages, we’ve tallied the votes and compiled our Top 10 list, which you can find below.

This exemplary class features representation from around the globe, with top finishers propelled to victory by stellar employee engagement and advocacy. This serves as another reminder that when you activate and rally your team on social media, it can take your brand to the winner’s circle.

Alongside each Company Page represented in this year’s Top 10, we’ll point out aspects of their LinkedIn presence that stood out, and takeaways other businesses can apply in their own hubs on the platform.

After you peruse the list, keep scrolling to find a SlideShare featuring the winners, as well as information about a webcast I will be hosting later this month.

Best of Company Pages 2018: The Winners

1. Hays

The defending champ brought it again in 2018. Hays showcases its leadership through branded imagery that cuts through the clutter and establishes authentic thought leadership. 


  • Inclusion of branded imagery gives your posts a slick and consistent look.

  • Leveraging company leaders alongside key messaging puts a human face on your mission and vision.

2. Schneider Electric

Much like Hays, Schneider Electric stays on brand with its visuals — scroll through the Company Page feed and you’ll see its signature green color scheme everywhere. Content often highlights achievements and successes for the business and its employees.


  • Sharing exciting company news makes your Page feel like an exclusive community while attracting top talent.

3. PTC

The Massachusetts-based computer software company has many different business lines, and gives each one its own unique space on LinkedIn through Showcase Pages.


  • By creating distinct platforms for different aspects of your business, you can tailor messages specifically to target audiences for each.

4. Teleperformance

Updates on this Company Page feature bold imagery containing text, catching the eyes of readers and drawing them to the words. Examples in the SlideShare below come from Teleperformance’s popular #QuoteOfTheDay campaign.


  • Test out thematic serial content with your audience. Quotes and stats tend to receive higher engagement.

5. Cvent

By maintaining a light and playful tone in its updates, Cvent stands out on feeds full of business-related content.


  • Don’t be afraid to inject a little personality into your posts. People want to see the human side of B2B brands!

6. Biesse Group

Marketing to a large multinational audience, Biesse Group achieves relevance by organically targeting updates by region, job function, company size, etc. Delivering content to specific geographies in the appropriate language helps them speak to their followers


  • For companies with diverse and far-reaching audiences, regionalized content will drive higher engagement.

7. Deloitte, North America

Through a consistent focus on eye-catching visuals, Deloitte’s Company Page comes to life and captures the attention of scrolling LinkedIn members.


  • Visual is the new headline. Move beyond stock photos and source aesthetically interesting images to accompany your posts.

  • Ensure the imagery matches the messaging, with bonus points for drawing clever connections.

8. Cognixia

Cognixia uses its Company Page effectively for strategic objectives, like driving sign-ups for webinars and training sessions.


  • Your Company Page is a great platform to drive awareness about upcoming events and conferences your company is attending or sponsoring.

  • If you include relevant info on the imagery, there’s no need to repeat that verbiage within the caption copy.

9. Michael Page

By keeping the copy in its updates concise and to-the-point, Michael Page makes it easy for readers to consume bite-sized messages, with links to further explore.


  • Regardless of the platform, social media users are often busy and short on time, so you may only have a few seconds to grab their attention. Try limiting the text in your Company Page updates to 150 characters or fewer.

10. EY

EY takes advantage of LinkedIn’s native video functionality, and creates deeper connections with the audience by featuring key figures from within the business.


There’s More to Explore!

For more details and examples from this year’s winners, click through the slides below:

Congratulations to all the companies that made our Top 10, and a heartfelt thank you to all who participated and submitted nominations. We continue to be amazed by all the creative and innovative work being done by marketers on LinkedIn.

Keep your eyes peeled for awesome enhancements to Company Pages coming down the pipeline. We can’t wait to see how you all utilize them and blaze new trails.

By the way, I’ll be hosting a Best of Company Pages webcast on Wednesday, August 29th, where I will discuss best practices and exclusive inside tips to help you drive fantastic results like the 10 companies above. See you there?

Whether you are preparing to create your first Company Page or simply seeking ways to optimize and improve, the LinkedIn Company Pages Playbook is your one-stop-shop resource. Enjoy!