Get Ready for LinkedIn Best of Company Pages 2018

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July 12, 2018

Best of LinkedIn Company Pages 2018

If you’ve been thinking about carving out an hour or two to spruce up your Company Page on LinkedIn, this just might be the perfect time.

That’s because we’re getting ready to start accepting nominations for LinkedIn’s Best of Company Pages 2018, which will once again highlight exemplary efforts from trailblazing brands on the platform worldwide. Last year we received more than 9,000 submissions before identifying the global top 10. We can’t wait to see what’s in store this time around.

Is your Company Page ready to shine on the big stage?

Prep Your Company Page For Consideration

Many benefits of bolstering your organization’s primary real estate on LinkedIn are intrinsic. As Fergus Baird wrote recently at HootSuite, “your LinkedIn Company Page represents a huge opportunity to establish your brand as an industry thought leader and attract top talent.”

Easily discovered through both LinkedIn’s interface and search engines, your Company Page will often be among the first places prospective customers and job candidates visit to learn about your business. You want to put your best foot forward.

What Happens If You Make The Top 10 List?

Gaining recognition as one of the Best Company Pages around carries unique added advantages. For one, the distinction provides great visibility for your brand, positioning you as a leader in B2B marketing. Plus, winners will receive early access to experience some of the latest Company Page enhancements and features in the pipeline. We will also provide honorees with special customized image assets to promote their inclusion across their social channels. 

How Can I Make The Top 10 List?

Nominate your company (or another company who you think has a rockin' Company Page) by using the hashtag #BestofCP on Twitter and LinkedIn. More specific details to come via a blog post when nominations open on Monday, July 16. 

To help get your colleagues excited about nominating your page, we're sharing top tips to help spruce up your page. Let’s take a look at some attributes and qualities that tend to characterize the most effective and outstanding LinkedIn Company Pages.

Brushing Up on Best Practices for LinkedIn Company Pages

Checking all of these boxes will put your Company Page on the right track to become a contender when nominations open up next week.

Complete your profile. No one likes an “Incomplete” grade. Make sure you fill out every section and company detail with accurate and compelling information.

Post regularly. Updates keep your page visible to your followers and help your brand maintain a consistent voice on the platform. Study engagement metrics to see what resonates most.

Position yourself as a thought leader by adding value. Speak directly to your target audience with useful content that positions your organization as an authority in your niche.

Move beyond stock photos and use nicely designed, branded imagery. Visual is the new headline! Unique and striking visuals are key to separating your page from the pack.

Ensure messaging matches the visuals. Keep things cohesive and connected for maximum impact.

Feature employees to give an inside look at company culture. A great Company Page offers a window into the organization’s people and personality.

Attract top talent by sharing experiences from employees. Any business is driven by the human beings within it. Elevate and highlight them.

Leverage Showcase Pages. They’re perfect for calling attention to specific business units or company initiatives, and make your presence on the platform all the more robust.

Ask questions and respond to comments to continue the conversation. Give people reasons to interact with your brand on LinkedIn, and make it worth their while.

Celebrate company wins and coverage. Good news and earned media deserve to be amplified.

Share third party content to establish authority and goodwill. Of course, you don’t want your page to be strictly self-promotional. Incorporate quality content from others to substantiate your narrative and build relationships.

Keep captions short and actionable. As a general rule, social media users are busy, and don’t have time to wade through tons of copy. Keep your content in posts and ads concise and to-the-point, wasting no words and leaving members with a clear call-to-action when warranted. Tips for compelling posts can be found here. 

Drive awareness about upcoming events your company is hosting, sponsoring, or attending. LinkedIn is an excellent place to let people know about professional gatherings and networking events.

Use video. Now that companies can utilize native video on the platform, creative applications in this medium will really wow the judges.

For further inspiration, you can check out last year’s winners and take notes:

 Best Company Pages 2018 nominations open on Monday, July 16 at 6am PST. Subscribe to the LinkedIn Marketing blog to make sure you don’t miss out on any important updates.