Examples to Help You Channel the Holiday Spirit on Your LinkedIn Page

November 25, 2019

LinkedIn Page Holiday

Holidays like Thanksgiving represent an excellent opportunity for combining quality and quantity when it comes to your content strategy, helping marketers fill gaps in the calendar while still delivering relevant, human stories to their audiences.  First, let's get up to speed on why it all matters.

While I was scrolling through my LinkedIn feed the other morning, out popped this post from Dave Gerhardt

I’ve chatted with a few marketers over the years who’ve grown weary of the quality vs. quantity debate in content marketing. Many dismiss the premise because “vs. quality” is a non-starter; only when we’ve attained “quality” can we even think about about quantity. 

It’s hard to argue with that. But reading Dave’s post also made me think about how you could almost as easily dismiss the “versus” aspect of the debate because a certain quantity threshold must be met. I mean, how many B2B marketers do you know who consistently generate results by publishing very little content to the web and their social channels?  

For as much as we like to think quantity doesn’t deserve to be in the same breath as quality, it’s a closer second than many of us give it credit for. So, how can we continue to demand quality while also demanding the same of ourselves in terms of publishing consistency? 

One opportunity for striking a timely resonance with your audience is to highlight holidays on your editorial calendar and create thematic content around them. Holidays are like a free space in the content frequency game – there’s no reason not to claim them. 

Plus, with holiday posts, being genuine and human pretty much takes care of itself. Your audience enjoys your content with minimal effort while still associating the positive vibes with your brand. This way, when your next big campaign comes around, your target audience is more familiar with your organization and more apt to take the next step assuming everything else adds up. 

With the holiday season fast approaching, we collected a few LinkedIn Page posts from Halloween to show just how simple it can be to humanize your brand around the holidays. 

Examples of Halloween-Themed LinkedIn Pages Content

Scroll through the posts below to find a wide range of examples from brands that creatively channeled the Halloween spirit into their content on LinkedIn Pages. You might just find some spooky inspiration.

Connecting the Holiday to the Business

LinkedIn Posts that Glow

All Dressed Up? LinkedIn Is Where To Go


Make a Production Out of It

Ideas to Jumpstart Your Next Holiday-Themed Post

Thanksgiving is, of course, right around the corner. If you’re searching for a spark to work the holiday theme into your LinkedIn Page, here are a few angles you might consider:

  • Sharing what your team members are thankful for this time of year
  • Favorite Thanksgiving foods and food-related metaphors 
  • Repurposing or expanding upon your best, recent content (leftovers!)
  • The importance of family (either literally, or your “second family” at work)
  • Community focus or charitable campaigns, such as a food drive
  • Personalized ‘thank you’ messages to your customers, partners, or advocates

Remember to connect these posts to the purpose of your business whenever possible, and above all, have a little fun! 

For more ways to build an audience on LinkedIn by consistently delivering the goods all year long, download the LinkedIn Pages Action Plan for Small Businesses or the LinkedIn Pages Enterprise Playbook


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