Introducing the LinkedIn Pages Enterprise Playbook

March 6, 2019

LinkedIn Pages Enterprise Playbook

Announcing the LinkedIn Pages Enterprise Playbook, the enterprise-level version of one of LinkedIn’s all-time most successful playbooks.

Whether you’re in HR and manage a team to advance your talent brand, or in social media and manage a team to promote your corporate brand, this quick read offers actionable guidance from industry leaders on how to:

  • Administer your Pages across multiple geographies and functions
  • Develop a sophisticated content marketing strategy (with examples)
  • Strategize Showcase Pages to highlight your brand portfolio
  • Turn your employees into brand advocates

We even include a quick, one-sheet “checklist for success” that the busiest of marketers can benefit from.

To curate this new guide, we interviewed marketing leaders of large, complex enterprises that have best-in-class LinkedIn Pages and Showcase Pages, including Microsoft, Oracle, and Adobe. We even consulted our own internal experts at LinkedIn.

What’s In The LinkedIn Pages Guide for Enterprise Companies

Let’s dive in. What did these marketers reveal about what it takes to become a best-in-class enterprise using LinkedIn Pages? We share some of their insights below, but the full details can only be found when you download the Pages Enterprise Playbook.

Set up your LinkedIn Page for internal (and international) success

Because all LinkedIn Page Admins have full permissions once granted, it’s important for enterprises to think critically about who should have access.

Select your admins carefully

Be mindful about who gets access to your main LinkedIn Page, as well as your Showcase Pages. You’ll have to consider who might need access, whether it’s your corporate brand team, talent team, analytics team, external agencies, or key regions. We recommend limiting to one to two representatives from each team. 

Communicate with your admins regularly

Most teams stay organized by creating a streamlined communication channel (through cloud applications like Slack or Teams) and keeping all of their LinkedIn Page communications and creative assets in a centralized drive. You’ll also want to set up recurring meetings with key partners. 

Create a sophisticated LinkedIn Page content strategy

While every enterprise has different content marketing objectives, most ladder up to three central themes: building brand love, showcasing innovation, and enhancing talent brand.  

In the playbook, we include eight top notch examples of content updates on LinkedIn, which garnered thousands of engagements each. Here’s our other favorite tips for creating an enterprise-level content strategy.

Post valuable content

To ensure your Page stands out in the LinkedIn feed and achieves your objectives, youmust post value-added content regularly. We feature specific tips in the playbook on posting frequency and planning.

Engage with your community

With our new suite of tools and features, this is easier than ever for enterprises. Leverage the new Communities hashtag panel to associate your brand with trending, relevant hashtags. Respond to member comments ASAP using mobile admin. And share your brand’s best @mentions from the updated Activity tab.

Measure regularly

All the enterprises we talked to have a regular cadence for reviewing their Page analytics, including comprehensive benchmarks for success.

Keep up with the competition

Your peers can be a great source of inspiration. Make a point to regularly review and reflect on your top competitors' LinkedIn strategy.

Incorporate paid ads

A lot of the enterprise marketers we talked to noted that their organic strategy is a flywheel for their paid and vice versa. But where does organic end and paid begin? We lay out a few common cases where enterprises choose to use paid instead of organic tactics in our playbook.

Two final tips for enterprise Linkedin Page success

Be mindful with your Showcase Pages

Showcase Pages can be a tremendous brand asset and a great format for showcasing all units of your business. We recommend creating Showcase Pages around major product categories, rather than each individual product, and assigning admin access to subject-matter experts who are best equipped to articulate your product or service experience. Download the Enterprise Playbook for more valuable tips on managing Showcase Pages.   

Engage your employees

Finally, to drive authentic brand perception at scale, consider your organization’s most valued asset: your employees. LinkedIn data shows that employees typically have 10x the number of connections as a Page has followers! You can engage them organically through your Page, as well as through a formal employee advocacy program, like LinkedIn Elevate.

Whether you are using Pages as a talent brand manager or as the head of corporate social media, the LinkedIn Pages Enterprise Playbook is your ultimate resource for success on LinkedIn. Download your free copy today!