Here’s Your Action Plan for Small Business Growth on LinkedIn

May 7, 2019

Here’s Your Action Plan for Small Business Growth on LinkedIn

How many times in your life—or maybe even this week—have you uttered, “There aren’t enough hours in the day”? For marketers and small business owners, time is fleeting. You’re busy building your brand, growing your customer base, and managing your employees. You don’t have time to research using LinkedIn for small business … right?

With the LinkedIn Pages Action Plan for Small Businesses, you do. In honor of National Small Business Week, we’re launching this 5-page guide that gets right to the goods, offering practical tips for completing your Page, growing your followers, and posting engaging content. Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll find inside.

Complete Your Page

First things first, you will want to fill out your Page in its entirety. Not only do completed Pages get 30% more weekly views, they also help tell your audience what your company is all about. Completing your Page will help your small business gain credibility online, so make sure you’ve taken the quick, easy steps outlined in our action plan.

Grow Your Followers

We know that once a LinkedIn Page hits 150 followers, its potential for growth skyrockets. To capitalize on this potential, it’s important for your small business to employ the right techniques to continue growing your following on LinkedIn.

One quick fix is adding the “Follow” button to your website, so that anyone visiting your company’s site can easily follow you on LinkedIn, too. You can also tap into topical conversations by adding relevant hashtags and tagging influencers in your posts, when appropriate.

Share Engaging Content

Pages that post daily see 2x the engagement of those that don’t, so if you don’t already have a content strategy in place for LinkedIn, work with your team to develop a content calendar and a regular posting schedule. Get creative about the different types of content you’ll share. Video, audio, and interactive content will engage your followers and help strengthen your position in the market.

In the LinkedIn Pages Action Plan for Small Businesses, you’ll get more tips like these to strengthen your brand’s presence on LinkedIn, build a loyal following, and—ultimately—boost your bottom-line success.

LinkedIn for Small Business: Reach Your Goals Faster

Running an ambitious young company can be stressful. Limited budgets and resources require you to get the most out of your effort and spend. With that in mind, this guide is designed to help you build a valuable LinkedIn presence quickly and efficiently. Inside, you’ll learn how our newest features, like Content Suggestions and revamped Page Analytics, can help you take your Page over the top.

Countless small businesses are making LinkedIn work for them, effectively leveraging the platform for key objectives like building brand awareness, nurturing a loyal follower base, and developing impactful relationships with customers. For example: Generates Leads on LinkedIn, a conversation intelligence tech startup, drives member engagement and leads by running contests and giveaways on LinkedIn. Contests and giveaways are an excellent way to gain a larger following and engage your audience. Just one video promoting one of’s online courses and encouraging member interactions garnered 89 likes, 399 comments, and nearly 25,000 views.

Jack Welch Management Showcases Student Success

Jack Welch Management Institute, an online MBA institute, promotes its program by tagging students with inspiring success stories on its Page. Sharing human stories is a powerful way to make a lasting connection with your followers. In fact, research shows that stories are 22x more memorable than facts and figures alone — so if you want your followers to remember your name, tell a good story.

The Female Quotient Sparks Conversation with Video

The Female Quotient, a startup dedicated to advancing workplace equality, demonstrates thought leadership with a video of Unilever’s Chief HR Officer, Leena Nair, speaking about gender equality. The post, viewed more than 6,200 times, demonstrates The Female Quotient’s thought leadership within their arena. More than 180 comments praising Nair for her comments rolled in, helping establish The Female Quotient as an authority on gender equality in the workplace.

Save Time and Grow Your Small Business with LinkedIn

The growth and achievements that these small businesses have seen on LinkedIn are possible for you, too. We put together the LinkedIn Pages Action Plan for Small Businesses to highlight small business success stories and help you get set up quickly, so you can join them as exemplary performers on LinkedIn. With these tips, you’ll be equipped to grow your small business on LinkedIn in no time.

Download the LinkedIn Pages Action Plan for Small Businesses to get rolling.