Find Inspiration From the 10 Most Followed Pages on LinkedIn

August 27, 2019

Most Followed LinkedIn Pages

Editor's Note: As 2020 approaches, we're looking back at some of 2019's most popular posts on the LinkedIn Marketing Blog. This one ranked No. 9.

The foundation of a successful LinkedIn Page is a robust and active community of followers. We hear frequently from organizations that growing this total is their top marketing aspiration on the platform.  

In trying to understand what makes a LinkedIn Page appealing and follow-worthy for members, we thought it might be helpful to analyze those who are leading the way. As such, we’ve assembled a list of the 10 most followed LinkedIn Pages, and towards the end, we will be providing insights around common themes that help their strategies resonate. 

The World’s 10 Most Followed LinkedIn Pages 

From IT to consumer goods to consulting and beyond, the companies represented in this list span a wide range of industries. They’ve all found their own unique ways to stand out on LinkedIn, but we’ll identify some commonalities and takeaways that might be applicable for other growing Pages out there.

1. TED Conferences

Followers: 12.5M

The resounding success of the TED Conferences brand hub on LinkedIn affirms that inspirational thought leadership from business leaders is a prime attraction for professionals on LinkedIn. Aside from the general allure of its content, this Page thrives with a solid mix of video, owned articles, and customized imagery. The guidance shared by TED feels authentic and genuine, with topical relevance to the modern professional. 

2. Google

Followers: 12.1M

Google’s brand name alone is a major asset, but the tech giant keeps its LinkedIn followers engaged with a steady cadence of new content that showcases corporate social responsibility initiatives, new innovations, company culture, and more. Recognizing that the faces within a company are most relatable to human users, Google puts its people first, and this seems to hit home.

3. Amazon

Followers: 8.6M

Much like Google, Amazon places a heavy emphasis on lifting up its employees, with frequent posts highlighting the stories of individuals throughout the organization. Amazon also provides followers with exclusive inside looks at company events, shares insights about its customers (aka “Amazonians”), offers job interview tips, and more.

4. LinkedIn

Followers: 8.2M 

Who are these guys? Never heard of ‘em. In all seriousness, we try to practice what we preach on our Page by offering a stream of useful content for an audience of employees, employers, and job-hunters. We frequently ask open-ended questions to spark conversations and engagement, and we try to draw in new, curious members through relevant hashtags.

5. Microsoft

Followers: 7.8M

The computer software leader (and LinkedIn’s parent company) keeps things fresh on its Page with plenty of content spanning a diverse variety of formats, infusing personal interest angles with company news and analysis. In addition to owned articles, they share plenty of third-party pieces, and amplify content created by their own employees and executives. 

6. IBM

Followers: 6.4M

It’s very much a technology company -- focusing on AI, cloud, blockchain and IoT -- but IBM also connects with its followers through human-oriented content. They rally around diversity and inclusion messaging (a recent Pride Week post drove substantial engagement), spotlight employees in the news, and showcase the innovation being driven by their teams. Of course, knowing that their customers and fans have a passion for tech, there’s plenty of creative coverage on this front as well.

7. Unilever

Followers: 6.2M

Scroll through Unilever’s feed, and you’ll come across numerous quick-hit videos that deliver a concise message, easily consumed even with the sound off. Talent branding is a major staple, as is socially responsible content that calls attention to refugees, environmental issues, bullying, and more. Unilever maintains a consistent level of visual appeal with colorful photo collages and branded graphics.

8. Nestlé

Followers: 6.0M

Like many organizations on LinkedIn, Nestlé leverages its Page for recruiting and hiring. The renowned food and beverage company promotes its culture and varied career paths, inviting those interested to take part in the “future of food.” They feature innovations in the space, diversity and inclusion initiatives, sustainability efforts, and more. Nestlé substantiates its own content with plenty of credible third-party support.

9. Accenture

Followers: 4.4M

Accenture understands the ubiquitous appetite for multimedia content and delivers splendidly on this front, with numerous short videos populating its feed, along with links to new episodes of its popular podcast. The company’s visual branding is on point, with Accenture’s signature purple hue appearing prominently and sparking instant recognition.

10. Facebook

Followers: 4.4M

Facebook’s LinkedIn Page is largely focused on career development and professional opportunity, with plenty of employee showcasing and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks. Facebook places its values front-and-center with its Page strategy — with frequent posts about international community, charitable causes, inclusion, and more. The engagement and growth shows their audience is responding. 

Common Themes in the Most Followed Pages on LinkedIn

All of these uber-popular LinkedIn Pages have their own distinct methods for delighting and growing their audiences, but there are some noteworthy common threads tying their strategies together:

  • Driving views and engagement with video. Almost without exception, video content is heavily infused into the content mixes for these LinkedIn Pages, and these posts invariably tend to rank among the top performers. The companies featured often follow LinkedIn video best practices, with short runtimes, attention-grabbing hooks, and captions for those viewing without sound. Many are also using LinkedIn Live to produce live video on the platform. Learn more about LinkedIn Live and how it ties into a content strategy

  • Socially responsible initiatives. It’s always important to remember that while LinkedIn is a business-oriented network, the members are real people with real emotional investments. Featuring corporate social responsibilities, sustainability, and other socially beneficial practices can drive powerful human connections — especially as Millenials and Gen Z overtake a larger percentage of the workforce.

  • Diversity and inclusion. People want to follow, and do business with, organizations that share their values. Equality is top-of-mind for many in this regard, and several of the companies above are making their enlightened stances on these matters clear continually. 

  • Spotlighting talent and elevating employee voices. At the end of the day, people don’t identify with companies. They identify with the people in those companies, which is why showing the faces and sharing the stories of employees at your organization tends to be so effective. This also supports the objective of attracting great new talent.

  • Showcasing innovation. Of course, in addition to the human side, members also want to learn about what these leading companies are doing to change the game in their respective industries. These Pages find creative and compelling ways to share their progress and plans.

Things to Keep in Mind

You’ve probably noticed that each of the companies listed above provides a world-class product or service, earning massive recognition and word-of-mouth as a result. There is no substitute for doing great work, so that should always be the primary goal. But LinkedIn is a tremendous platform for marketing and conveying this work — and the people behind it — to the world. 

Because they have so many resources, these enterprises are also able to produce a ton of first-party content. Not every organization is going to have the same capability, which is why identifying and sharing relevant third-party content can be very advantageous (our Content Suggestions feature is an excellent way to find trending topics your audience is already engaging with).

Finally, never underestimate the authenticity and reach of your own employees. When they connect their personal profiles with your Page, and frequently re-share content being put out by your organization, it places your brand in front of new networks and can rapidly bolster your LinkedIn Page’s growth. You can also find employee posts to reshare using the Content Suggestions feature, or invest in a more robust employee advocacy tool, like LinkedIn Elevate

Take Your LinkedIn Page to New Heights

Whether your company is an established international enterprise, or a budding brand carving out its place in the business world, LinkedIn is the premier place to grow and build community. By following the examples above, and adding your own unique twists, you’ll be well on your way.

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