What’s New with LinkedIn Pages: Tap into Your Employees’ Superpowers

October 15, 2019

What's New with LinkedIn Pages

Organizations have told us that building a sense of community is more important than ever — it impacts how your customers feel about your brand, how they interact with it, how you recruit and retain talent, and how you build overall customer loyalty. 

According to Edelman’s 2017 Trust Barometer Global report, 60% of people trust others like themselves, but only 52% trust businesses and even fewer (37%) trust CEOs. This underscores the importance of highlighting the people behind your organization to help build your brand’s authenticity and the community around it. 

In this quarterly release for LinkedIn Pages, we’re introducing new features that help you better tap into your organization’s most important asset — your employees. These updates are designed to help your employees share your company’s key updates or highlight their incredible work. We’re also adding tools to help you optimize your LinkedIn Page. 

Let’s get started.

Employee Notifications — Let your team do the talking 

Your employees can be your most powerful advocates, but many businesses don’t know where to begin. With Employee Notifications, Page Admins can now alert employees of important posts, which employees can then engage with or share to their LinkedIn network. This makes it easy for your employees to share your organization’s content and amplify your messages. 

We’ve also added safeguards to ensure that this feature adds value to the member experience. By limiting notifications to once every seven days, you won’t accidentally overwhelm your employees with updates. 

To ensure strong engagement from your Employee Notifications, consider the following:

  • Recency: How fresh is the content?
  • Relevance: Is the content something a lot of employees can relate to?
  • Value: Will employees look like thought leaders if they share the content and will your organization benefit from the increased reach?  

For more detailed information on this powerful feature, visit our Employee Notifications Help Center article

Kudos and Team Moments — Celebrate your incredible team

Your Page isn’t just a place for members who want to learn more about your organization; it’s also a space to engage your current employees and celebrate your organization’s culture. With Kudos and Team Moments, Page Admins can leverage a custom content format built specifically to welcome new team members, spotlight outstanding work, and recognize the people behind an organization’s pivotal moments. By highlighting the people behind your brand, you reveal the human side of your organization to prospective customers and employees.

Completion Meter — Take your Page to the next level

Complete LinkedIn Pages generate 30% more page views per week compared to incomplete LinkedIn Pages. However, less than 5% of Page Admins with an incomplete Page choose to update it, oftentimes because they don’t know what details they’re missing. 

We’re making it easy for Page Admins to make the most of their Page with a new personalized completion meter that identifies missing fields and calls out new features. Similar to the profile completion meter we offer members, this new tool will help guide Page Admins through the process of completing and taking full advantage of their Page. 

Plus, completing a Page unlocks access to additional features, like Content Suggestions, which surfaces content trending within your exact target audience. 

To learn more about the updates in today’s announcement, visit the LinkedIn Pages website.