Practical Tools for Taking Your LinkedIn Page to the Next Level

April 23, 2019

LinkedIn Pages

All our lives, we’ve been told that anything worth doing is worth doing well. So when a new maxim like “start before you’re ready” comes along, it doesn’t exactly gel at first. Start before I’m ready? Maybe you should stop giving me advice.

How can we possibly do something well if we’re not even ready for it? But there’s a reason why starting before one’s ready has become sage advice in certain applications, and a big part of that reason is technology. The entrepreneurial world is littered with cautionary tales of people playing it too safe. While some entrepreneurs pursue perfection, delaying launches until the conditions are just right, others rush to release a minimum viable product, gaining critical user feedback that puts them leaps and bounds ahead of those still tinkering and tweaking.

Perhaps you’ve already made it a point to get your LinkedIn Page up and running, and although you’ve covered the basics in our last post and your Page isn’t dormant, you’ve been waiting to really start building and engaging your professional community until the timing feels right. You know it’s a worthy venture – you just want to make sure you do it well. Totally understandable.

Well, there’s no time like the present because the tools you’ll learn about in this post – Page Analytics and Content Suggestions – make it easier than ever to know and grow your audience on LinkedIn. The infographics you’ll find below are also featured in our LinkedIn Pages Toolkit, which you should definitely check out.

Page Analytics: Understand Your Audience

Sometimes the unanswered questions in our minds prevent us from plowing ahead. When it comes to your LinkedIn Page, these questions might include:

  • Who is coming to my Page and what are they interested in?

  • When it comes to updating and uploading content to my Page, how can I be sure I’m spending my time wisely?

  • How is my community engaging with my updates?

  • How do I know if the followers I’m adding are the right followers?

Page Analytics answers all of these questions and more. Available to Page admins, this rich data allows you to gauge trends across metrics and time periods, providing critical insight into your Page’s performance. For just about any action you can take on your LinkedIn Page, you can get detailed feedback into its effectiveness.

Peruse the infographic below to learn more about the three areas of Page Analytics which offer the biggest benefit to marketers, along with advice for using this tool to become one with your community.

Content Suggestions: Inspiration for Page Updates

What the heck should I say today? What does my audience even want?

If these questions sound familiar, you’ll find solace when using the Content Suggestions tool within your LinkedIn Page. This feature makes it super simple to share trending topics and articles with your target audience.

What target audience, you ask? Don’t worry if you haven’t yet amassed a large following because you can refine your search to consider the full LinkedIn community within your industry. And because you’re sharing content with a proven track record so to speak, you’re more likely to attract the right people to your Page. As your followership grows, your suggestions will become more strongly tied to the interests of your target audience, specifically.

Another benefit of Content Suggestions is that, by posting content more frequently, you generate more data pertaining to your content and your audience, meaning the insights from your Page Analytics become richer and more reliable. The tools work hand in hand in that way.

Have more than one target audience? That’s quite common. When you decide to post a Content Suggestion to your Page, or any update for that matter, you have the option to target that update to only reach specific segments of your audience. This allows you to more easily use content to break into new audiences, while also making sure that your Page followers only see updates intended for them. Think of it as relevance reassurance.

The best part? You can take advantage of Content Suggestions before you sign off for the day. Check out the infographic below to learn how this popular feature helps you conquer your content marketing objectives with greater ease.

Ready to get started? Start generating meaningful insights, with which you can more confidently know and grow your audience on LinkedIn. Your time is too valuable to delay one of the smarter investments you can make for your business. So let’s get started, shall we? Download the full LinkedIn Pages Playbook and empower your organization to engage the world’s professional community. You’ll be glad you did.