Coming Soon: The Best of LinkedIn Pages 2019

September 24, 2019

Best of LinkedIn Pages 2019

What makes for a great LinkedIn Page? Is it followers? Engagement? Content? Visuals? 

The answer: yes, yes, yes, and yes. The best LinkedIn Pages combine all of these elements and more into a magnetic, compelling, and valuable destination for your audience. 

We frequently offer guidance on how to achieve these ideals, with resources like the LinkedIn Pages Action Plan for Small Businesses, the LinkedIn Pages Enterprise Playbook and the Sophisticated Marketer’s Hub. But nothing is quite so instructive as seeing the best in practice, and drawing inspiration from their examples.

That’s why the Best of LinkedIn Pages is one of our most popular annual events, and why we’re excited to announce that nominations for the 2019 edition will be opening soon!

What is Best of LinkedIn Pages?

It’s a listing of the top 10 brand hubs on LinkedIn, according to you! Each year, we invite our audience to nominate the Pages that impress them most. In 2018, we received more than 13,000 submissions nominating 945 different LinkedIn Pages. The resulting SlideShare, featuring best practices derived from the winners, has been viewed more than 1 million times:

We’ll be opening the door for nominations next week, so keep your eyes peeled.

What Should My Organization Do To Be Considered?

Start optimizing! There’s no shortage of information available on how to take your LinkedIn Page to the next level. In addition to the resources mentioned above, you can review last year’s winners and dive into our many recent blog posts covering Pages from every angle.  

Needless to say, the benefits of taking these steps go beyond improving your odds of recognition, as a high-caliber LinkedIn Page is a powerful asset for boosting brand awareness and credibility. But with this contest set to get underway, there’s no time like the present.  

Some questions to ask yourself as you polish up your LinkedIn presence ahead of the nomination period:

  • Do you have crisp, clear, and properly sized high-definition imagery for your logo and banner?

  • Have you completely filled out all information on your Page’s About tab? (Companies with complete info receive 30% more weekly views.)

  • Have all of your employees mapped their work experience to your Page? 

  • Are you posting and providing value for your audience on a monthly, weekly or daily basis?

  • Do you have a healthy number of followers that you regularly engage with in the comments? 

  • Have you taken advantage of the Pages Toolkit to make tweaks and upgrades?

  • Are you using the new Content Suggestions feature to guide your content strategy, with a healthy mix of owned and third-party shares? 

  • Is your LinkedIn Page optimized for SEO?

  • Are you highlighting and showcasing your employees?

  • Have you been reviewing your analytics to understand who’s visiting your Page, and tailoring the experience to their needs and interests?

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Stay tuned for more details around Best of LinkedIn Pages 2019! Swing by the blog when submissions open on Tuesday, Oct. 1, to learn how you can nominate your favorite Page on LinkedIn, and how you can rally your network to show support for yours.

There’s no better time than the present to spruce up your LinkedIn Page. Download the LinkedIn Pages Small Business Action Plan or Enterprise Playbook. to make sure your Page is in tip top shape.