LinkedIn Pages and Elevate — Better Together

January 24, 2020

Elevate is now part of LinkedIn Pages

Editor's Note: Enjoy this special encore post, which was one of our readers' favorites in 2020. 

LinkedIn Pages and Elevate have enabled organizations to interact at scale with the people who matter most to their business and tell their brand stories in ways not possible anywhere else. Over the last four years, hundreds of our customers have used Elevate to help their employees be brand advocates. At the same time, these customers — and over 50 million more organizations — have worked to build their LinkedIn Page so they can engage their most important audiences. 

And now we believe the time is right to build on the success of both products and accelerate what's possible by bringing Elevate and Pages together.

This combination will help companies better engage their employees, and build stronger communities in a safe and trusted environment. In fact, when an admin posts on their Page, 30% of the engagement comes from their employees, who are 14X more likely to share that content vs. other content types. And the best part for our Elevate customers is that this functionality will be free of cost. 

With this integration, Page admins will be able to broaden their reach so they can engage their entire organization on LinkedIn (vs. just Elevate seatholders) to drive stronger results. Admins will still be able to curate unique content, broadcast it to their employees and measure the impact of engagement on their Page. They’ll also be able to work more efficiently through their LinkedIn Page. 

Core Elevate functionality will be available in Pages by December 2020, at which point Elevate will no longer be available as a standalone app. 

We’re excited to bring this increased value to our LinkedIn Pages and Elevate customers and will share regular updates over the coming months as this transition date approaches. Keep an eye out for our upcoming Pages Quarterly Product Release updates to learn more about how we’re helping brands build stronger relationships with their employees, customers and followers. 

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