Empowering Visa Employees To Build Social Media Muscles

September 15, 2016

LinkedIn Elevate

This guest post was contributed by Lucas Mast, who is Vice President, Corporate Social Media, at Visa.

Visa is more than just a payments company. We are a technology company full of smart and passionate people who build catalysts for commerce that connects millions of people every day through electronic payments.

The Problem

At Visa, we’re continually working on building up our social media presence and brand. And as a leading technology company, we’re constantly on the lookout for ways in which we can shine a light on all the innovative work we are doing across global markets.

We have a lot of talented people at Visa who help shape the company, our products and its image. We realized long ago that our employees are in fact our best advocates. But how do we empower them to be social professionals and help Visa?

The Solution

That’s where LinkedIn Elevate came in. Elevate helps our best advocates -- our employees -- endorse our brand. With people being as busy as they are, Elevate’s intuitive interface makes it easy for both Visa to curate content and for employees to share. Providing this infrastructure that explicitly gives permission to employees to share to social media on Visa’s behalf has gone a long way to turning our employees into brand advocates.

But, it’s not just about employees advocating for Visa to their networks - it’s also about them building their own professional brands. Our goal is to make them better social professionals.

In order to do this we make sure to balance company and non-company related content so that our employees can be viewed as smart thought leaders within their networks. They see the benefits through feedback such as increased profile views and engagements, which has kept them coming back to share.


Our U.S.-based employees using Elevate are sharing on LinkedIn 5x more frequently than before, and seeing an average engagement rate of over 1% on their shares.. As a result, these employees are now driving 3x more Visa Company Page views and 4x more Visa Company Page followers than before.

The results have been so great that we’re rolling Elevate out to all our employees. We’re excited to see what impact that will have on both the Visa brand and that of our talent.

To learn more about how Elevate can help your business, click here.